Whee~! I’m healthy again! No more runs, nausea or dizziness! *crosses fingers hard* I’m gonna stick to my diet of plain porridge till tomorrow. I had plain porridge last night and it tasted pretty good even without any salt or condiments, but I wasn’t able to make the grains all soft and sticky the way porridge at home is made though. *pouts* I wonder if it’s cause I was using the rice cooker instead of the stove and I didn’t have to stir anything at all. I just kept adding water, hoping my rice would break down more, but it wouldn’t. *pouts*

I’ll be adding grated carrots as per my sisters suggest tonight. And tomorrow, I’ll be adding plain chicken with carrots to my porridge. After that, I wanna eat porridge with pickled leek. I _must_ eat porridge at least once with pickled leek cos I love it!

I’ll leave off the fried foods till a week later–just in case. My first exam is in four days on Monday! OMG! Hahaha. Time to start cramming like mad. Hahaha. ^_^;;  No worries. It’ll work out. ^_^

*waits patiently for porridge to cook* I had to buy a 5kg packet of rice last night cos they didn’t sell it in smaller quantities. So I’ll be bringing rice home this semester break. I did stock up on vitagen and yogurt and both will last at least 12 days. I’ll start on them after I stop my porridge diet. Hohoho.

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