How to make your own french fries!

All right, my friends! I’ve found out how to process potatoes into perfect fries. Apparently, french fries are plain slices of potatoes that undergo some processes in order to achieve the crispy outside and soft insides that you experience in frozen and fastfood fries! Muahahaha~!

Here’s the source I was reading from. There aren’t any pictures in the document though. =(

Simply: you cut up a potato into strips however thick you want, then you blanch them. And then dry them partially and then freeze them (if you’re not going to have them now). Otherwise, just deep fry them when you wanna eat them. There’s a lot of technicality involved, water content, sugar content blabla, but we’re not food scientists, so let’s just hope for the best.

Here’s an interesting read about McD fries.

For my own notes: blanching = cooked enough so that the insides have a fluffy texture but not so much that the fry gets soft and breaks.

Also, “blanching is a cooking term that describes a process of food preparation wherein the food substance, usually a vegetable or fruit, is plunged into boiling water, removed after a brief, timed interval, and finally plunged into iced water or placed under cold running water (shocked) to halt the cooking process”. (wiki)


Wooo. I’m kinda excited now. Gonna try this out when I’m go home during semester break next month! I hope the USA potatoes I tend to buy are Russett ones. *crosses fingers*

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2 Responses to “How to make your own french fries!”

  1. i read somewhere else that if u first fry it in medium ish heat then strain n dry. then fry again in high heat when cooled. i shud start experimenting again soon. :)

  2. SephXIII

    Yeah. That sounds like it should work fine. The most important thing, it seems is to turn the erm…starch to sugars first. Or was it sugars to starch? Whichever. In the end it should result in crispy fries which are fluffy on the inside! ^o^

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