New stove and burgers!

Here’s our nice NEW stove!! Well, it’s still the same type, and apparently, it costs around RM300+ so it’s not exactly cheap. But ah well. Considering how rusty the old one was, it was probably some years old. Mebbe. But ya! Look at the new SHINY stove! No rust on the metal anywhere! And the best thing is, it actually comes with rings for large woks and smaller pots! I’d always wondered why the old stove was so widely spaced! Apparently, the old rings had been thrown away or something! Grrr. But yeah, we have proper rings now so my pot and pan won’t be sliding here and there when I set it down! Yay! ^o^ I called to complain this morning and they got it fixed by the afternoon! Nice and efficient! Yayness. The cleaning ladies were called in and they removed the stove and cleaned up our kitchen too. *o* Nice. Our floor isn’t all black with dirty slipper-prints no more! Haha. ^o^

Since I couldn’t cook yesterday, I had burgers for dinner. I decided to try the stall selling burger right outside Villa’s back door. The patties are home-made and each burger costs RM5.00. I bought a beef one and was pretty disappointed. The meat wasn’t soft, though it had enough flavour. But the chili sauce was very little and the mayo was pathetic. I am only pointing these two things out, because if they had been abundant, you wouldn’t have been so concerned about how lacking the patty really was. But ya, I won’t be ordering from there again. I’d rather pay $3.50 for a beef/chicken (frozen) patty with cheese burger from across the road cos they taste pretty good, and one of the stalls adds a few canned red beans to the burgers (which is really unique). >_<

And coincidentally, when I was checking my mail, my friend had sent me the link to KFCK (Kinky Fat Chef Kitchen), which supposedly sells nice burgers. I hadn’t been sure if our stove would be fixed, so today, since that friend and I had our last class of the day together, I was like, hey, let’s go look for this KFCK place and have burgers. We went back to Villa, and I looked up the address on their fb page and printed out the google map. Their logo is sooo cute! But the map… omg. It was so¬† Google are okay to give you a general idea of the area, but that’s about it. >_< Maybe cos I didn’t look at the statellite view or something. ToT So yeah, following the really rough map below, we drove off, picking up two friends along the way.

“A” marks the spot which we’re heading towards, which as you can see, in an empty area with no roads leading to it. Haha. We got to the general area, but then we had a problem. Cos it was a residential area and you had all these little streets. We drove around for maybe five minutes and then stopped in front of a house and asked for directions. The nice man kinda had a general idea where KFCK was, so he gave us pretty precise instructions (the blue markings on the map are his). Apparently, we were just a minute away: we just needed to turn out, and turn right and turn left and tada~! KFCK was just a lil outside kitchen set up next to a house with tables and chairs in front. It was a one-lane road into the house compound and parking space was miserable. O_o We were early, so there were only two cars there, so we didn’t have to park outside the main road.

I didn’t take any pictures of the burgers cos well…they don’t look anything special. The homemade patties were really nice and soft, but they had no flavour. =( I think there were a couple of slice of cucumber and a slice of tomato with a lil bit of onion in mayo. The Special Sauce was _very_ sweet. O_o The black pepper sauce was kinda scary because it was so dark in colour. Rather than rave about the burgers, I’d rather talk about the french fries. They were sooo goood! The portion was very little, but the fries were the really thick straight ones. Wai. I looove fat fries. ToT I’ll probably go back, but next time, I’ll ask for plain chili sauce on my burger rather than their sauces, and I’ll definitely have the fries again! A normal burger was RM5.00 and the french fries were kinda expensive at RM3 for a small lil basket. I’m not sure if we were early or whatever, but I didn’t see anything much else on their menu. For the price, the burgers were decent. I love eating burgers at Western food places like Swensen and Charcoal, and considering that they cost almost six times more than a KFCK’s, you really can’t compare. Haha. *_* It does make me feel a lot better about spending a lot of money on burgers now though. ^_^;; I used to feel that they were just a bit too pricey — well, okay, they _are_ very pricey, but they’re so good. ToT Okay, so I just like beef burgers a lot.

I think I will go find out how people make fat fries. These aren’t just french fries cut from a potato. They seem processed , like the frozen ones they sell in packets. There are two places back home that make their own thick french fries as well, and I looove them both~!

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