Seriously not feeling good

Ergh. When I opened my eyes this morning, I turned my head and it started spinning. >_< I thought I might have imagined it so I closed my eyes and after a while shifted my head. Yeah, my head was spinning slightly. I tried to tell myself it was my imagination. Then I had slight tummy pains and then I felt nauseous. >_< As soon as I could, I grabbed a towel, covered up my mouth and went to the bathroom. There, I felt like I’d just had just gotten drunk or something. My head was spinning, and I really wanted to puke but there was nothing in my tummy. I was sitting on the toilet bowl, with my head bent over the sink, feeling utterly miserable. And to top it off, the slight diarrhea I’ve had since yesterday wasn’t gone. -_- I did make myself puke, but it was all gas. I took some meds to calm the puking and diarrhea and drank some water. After a bit, I puked the water out. T_T

When I could, I headed to campus to see the nurse. Apparently, it’s the stomach flu. And I’m one of the dozens who’ve already been to see Sharon. I’m told not to eat anything for 24 hours if possible. Otherwise, to try to resist food for at least 8 hours and only have plain porridge. T_T Gotta let my body flush out all the bad bacteria in my intestines and then when it’s all better a few days later, buy some vitagen to aid the good bacteria. *sigh* This seriously sucks. >_< The dizziness isn’t so bad now and I don’t really feel that nauseous anymore. But my gastric is definitely acting up. Ergh.

This is pretty much the second time I’ve had stomach flu diagnosed. I probably have had it before, but usually, I just stay home cos the symptons ain’t so bad. The first time I was diagnosed, the pain in my stomach was excruciating and I almost passed out, and it’d gone on for two days before I went to see the doctor, but there was no diarrhea or anything like that. This has to be the worse: dizziness, nausea, diarrhea… WTF. T_T

And I feel even stupider cos a few days ago, I did eat something which I had thought might be off, but which I had ignored. T_T Seph no baka!

So yeah. I’m just drinking lots of fluid right now (bought four cans of 100 plus) and I’m just going to sleep all eight hours then head out to buy some rice to make my porridge. The rice I’d brought from home has weevils in it now and I don’t think I should use brown rice to make the porridge just in case the extra fibre irritates my tummy. I dislike porridge. But damn it. I’d better feel better tomorrow, cos this really sucks. I seriously need to try to start studying for my exams! ToT


Oh, I picked up my prize for the evaluate survey thing. It’s a 4gb HP pendrive. The other weekly prize is an LG mobile phone, which I’m glad I didn’t get, cos I definitely wouldn’t know what to do with it. ^_^ At least the pendrive I can ignore or give to someone. I looked at the banner promoting the evaluate thing, and the grand prize is just a iPod Touch, second, a iPod Nano and third, iPod Shuffle. Pretty lacklustre, but considering that this whole evaluate thing is going on in all Curtin campuses in Australia and South East Asia, I guess the money still adds up to quite a bit.

Anyways, sleep! I feel a slight headache coming on. ToT

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