OMG. I passed my BIS midterm!! OMG. O__O I actually got a 47/65!! WTF! Ahahahaha~! O___O OMG. O__O So I guess they gave marks for your case study as long as it seems you’re heading in the right direction. Mebbe. But who cares! I passed! ToT And it looks like my weekly worksheets will be getting a 20/20! Woo! My final grade for BIS right now should be around 43/50 or something. Ah~! *happiness*

And I was told that some group actually managed to get a 22/25 for their Accounting assignment. Whoa. O_O We’ll hopefully get our marks by Friday. I’m nervous about this. I hope my group didn’t do too badly. But yeah. Things don’t look quite so bad now. *happiness*

I’m currently waiting for my friend to send me pictures of our dinner together last night. It was so sad. We were eating and suddenly he’d said, after so many months here, this is the best dinner I’ve had. And almost tearfully, I was nodding and said, YEAH! I was just going to say that! Hahaha. More details when I have pictures.

Oh, and also, last night, I finally had a nice chat with one of my housemates. Out of the 7 people, I usually talk to only three of them (one of whom I talk to a lot). Two of them are never in cos they stay with their bfs, I think. And the other two are friends who tend to keep to themselves. But yeah, anyway, one of them was sitting outside and she suddenly asked, hey do you watch any drama series? I was like, erm…not often. And I saw her lappy screen on pause and asked her what she was watching. Grey’s Anatomy, it seems, and I was like, oh, I’ve always meant to check that out. And she was like, oh, I’ve got the whole first series if you want it. Wah~! And then she asked if I watched anime, and I was like, oh yeah! *grin* So we chatted about anime and stuff. I lent her Glee and Sengoku Basara cos that was the only thing I had with me that she hadn’t watched already. *_* She has quite a lot of anime on her harddisk, it seems. And she’s been watching Bleach up till the latest episode. Hohoho. She was like, if you want anything, just let me know, and told me she’ll be around until the 24th. =) So yeah. Finally. We’ve talked and she’ll be more inclined to look my way if we pass each other on campus. *falls over* I’ve seen her around before, but it was like we never knew each other when we’re on campus. ^_^;;

So all in all, last night was a pretty eventful night.

Oh, and I found out that my miri wifi connection is good cos I live in a room facing the street. Those who live in the rooms further inside the house have really crappy connection, which was why my roommate was sitting outside with her lappy. She had been waiting for something to finish downloading. Haha. I’ve renewed my tenancy for the same room so I’ll be able to keep my big room and good net connection. =) Spending a hundred or so more every month for feeling safe and secure is definitely worth it, in my opinion. A friend of mine almost had her place broken into. And it’s not even the holidays yet. Ergh. Imagine when they leave for the holidays for three months with all their stuff in the house. I mean, it’s obvious their house is already a target. I hope they tell their landlord to make rounds every week or so. >_< Of course, if there was a cheaper place with security as good as Villa’s, I’d go for it, but there aren’t so I’ll stick with Villa. =)

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