Got my accounting group report mark!! 18.93/25! Woo~! Not too bad. My overall grade for Accounting right now is 40.60/50! Yayness! Thank goodness my group report didn’t pull me down the way my management one had. =)

And, oh. I won the weekly prize for the eVALUate campaign. It’s this survey thing, where we all evaluate our courses and lecturers. I did mine a couple of weeks ago, I think. Hm…I’ll go to campus tomorrow to pick up the prize. I think the weekly prizes were pendrives. I know the grand prize is a iphone, or was it a ipad? But yeah, how awesome. *_* I never had much luck with these kind of things, but now I’ve won something twice. *o* Now my friends think I’m uber lucky. But I’m the person who never won anything in four years (for our bank’s annual dinner lucky draw), even though the chances of winning were more than 50%. Hahaha. So I definitely don’t have much faith in this luck thing. Well, I did win the grand prize for my last annual dinner in December. Maybe my luck started then. ^_~ Better late than never~!


Anyway, I found something else more interesting: “All milks have the same vitamin and mineral content, regardless of the fat content.” So drinking low-fat milk would give me the same nutrients as whole milk, but with less fat. I definitely want to change my milk to a low-fat one, but the problem will definitely be the taste though. >_< These days, I only drink Pura (from New Zealand), cos I can accept the taste of the milk on its own without needing to cover it up. But I have been worried about my weight so I don’t actually feel that good about drinking milk everyday. ^_^;; I’ll go buy a carton of a common brand of low-fat milk when I run out and see if it’s yummy. I did find out that UHT milk does lose nutrients compared with pasteurised milk, but it does doesn’t need contant refrigeration in storage.

Okay. I’m going to pop a pill and sleep my fever off. I’ve not started studying yet, but just when I decided to, my body started to build up heat. -_- I’ve now got a slight fever and have been feeling off since yesterday. Bah. I’m drinking a lot of cooling stuff already, but the effect’s not showing yet. -_-

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