Gummi Bears theme song – acapella version =D

Did you like the Adventures of the Gummi Bears when you were a kid? Do you remember how to sing the song? *laughs* I only remember the chorus. So I went looking for an mp3 of the song. Please don’t ask me why. I’m on a nostalgic cartoon roll right now. *laughs* But I found […]

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More about cartoons

When I was a kid and we didn’t have any dedicated cartoon channels like Cartoon Network, etc, every time a cartoon comes on, my mum would call for us to watch it. We kids back then didn’t live in front of tvs the way most kids these days do. Heh. But even so, man… Those […]

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Lion-O THE HOT!!

OMGGGGG. I just came across this while looking for Thundercats pictures. This is concept art for Thundercats movie. Gah. Read the source for more details. Me, I just wanna talk about how HOT this beastman is! OMG. Yes, werewolves are cool. But anthropomorphic beings–especially hot ones like the Thundercats are the best. Omg. If they […]

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Updates on stuff =D

Wow. There’s actually quite a bit to talk about and I’ve got so many food pics to share! But first, the biggest event of last year had to be my sister’s wedding on 26 December. It’s almost two months now and all that’s left of the wedding is one wedding sticker stuck on the dressing […]

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Exams and hotels

Exams are over~! Woo hoo~! I had two nights of no sleep and somehow still managed to retain data in my braincells and spit out most of them during my exams. Bad news is, I ran out of time for my BIS exam and I think I barely managed to get 10 marks out of […]

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