Lion-O THE HOT!!

OMGGGGG. I just came across this while looking for Thundercats pictures. This is concept art for Thundercats movie. Gah. Read the source for more details. Me, I just wanna talk about how HOT this beastman is! OMG.

Yes, werewolves are cool. But anthropomorphic beings–especially hot ones like the Thundercats are the best. Omg. If they seriously make a Thundercats movie with that HOT Lion-O, I am sooooo buying the bluray disc–even if the movie is _bad_. *falls over* Too bad he’s clothed though. Hahaha. *wipes away nosebleed*

OMG. Sorry. I like beastmen, of the feline species, especially. I sooo wanna see this guy in action _bad_. Hahaha. *_*

Edit: I wrote this post weeks ago. As of today, I’ve seen that hot beastman in action, and I’m disappointed. -_- Disappointed cos the brand Thundercats should not be tagged onto the movie. *wince* Here’s the video footage I’d watched. Not to mention, Lion-O’s so smart-alecky, he’s annoying and I don’t like him. -_- And his nose is kinda weirdish. >_< This is leaked footage of the movie that will not be, and I’m kinda glad. >_<

But ooooh. A brand new ThunderCats animated series will be released this year! *_* I will definitely check that out! =D


Did you guys ever watch the tv series “Beauty and the Beast”? Catherine and Vincent? Strike a bell? Well, I’ve always enjoyed it when I was a kid (yes, so it seems my love for beastmen dated way back), and my cousin had a novelisation which had been one of my favourite books. Amazon has the complete series on dvd. Ahahaha. It’ll probably seem sappy now, but I am curious enough to want to buy it and watch it, just to see how I react to the series now. =D

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