Farewell to the osmanthus

Today’s the day of my maternal grandma’s funeral. My mum smsed me on Monday to let me know that she’d passed away in the morning. My mum did tell me a while back that grandma had not been eating very well, and she rarely got out of bed after her hip surgery (or was it leg?), but as I’ve not seen her for a while, it was a surprise to hear that she’d passed away. She’d never seemed that old. =(

I’m not very close with my grandmother, so I’m not exactly sad. And in truth, I was glad I wasn’t able to make it back home for the funeral today, because I know I’d be upset seeing my mum and my aunts upset. -_- But thinking about it now, I do wish I’d been home so that I could have been around for moral support. I’d planned to go home this weekend, but I’ve two tests and a case study report due next week so I know I shouldn’t. -_- The way assignments are coming up, I won’t be able to go home till we get a free week in May.

I’m not that close with my maternal grandma compared to my paternal one so I don’t have that many memories with her, but here’s what comes to mind when I think about here: osmanthus. A couple of years back, my youngest aunt started a family blog and it was there I found out that my grandma’s name is Kui Hua, which means osmanthus. Apparently, when she was young, people would make fun of her name and hurt her feelings. =(

I know my grandma as a quiet person who rarely says much. In truth, I don’t think I’ve ever really spoken much with her at all, other than the usual greetings. =( My mum looks like her, so when I’d looked at my grandma, sometimes, I’d see how my mum would look decades down the road. When I was a kid and we’d visit my grandparents, my grandpa dealt with us kids more than she did. I really don’t recall any specific memories with her, which is pretty sad. I wonder if my mum would.

I hope that wherever she is right now, she’s at peace.

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