Finally a post! =D

All right, so it’s been many weeks since I’ve been back in Miri. Erm…4 weeks into the semester, to be exact. =D What was the reason why I didn’t update my blog in such a while? Denial, I’d told my sister. *laughs* First couple of weeks into the semester, it was like a slow-growing panic sinking in: that I’ve got tough topics this semester and I’m going to need to put in a lot of work and effort to get through. Denial dealt with the panic, and 4 weeks in, I’ve got an assignment due on Monday, another due on Tuesday and a test the week after and a couple of assignments the following week… *zones out*

But yeah… I’m alive and well, and I’ve been eating well. =D

Oh, I got my results for my deferred exams as well. I managed to get a High Distinction (82%) for Accounting 100, but only got a Distinction (75%) for BIS. Ergh. I guess running out of time had been a major failing. Damn it all. -_- Ah well. ToT

This semester, I’m taking Marketing 100, Economics 100, Communication in Business and Finance 203 (Quantitative Techniques). In all these years, it seems that no one has ever got a High Distinction in Marketing. Wtf… -_- And Economics is seriously quite hard for me right now. Finance 203 as well is pretty darn hard cos it deals with stats and probability–two things I don’t particularly excel in in Maths. I’m getting used to it, but it’s going to take a lot of practice to get it in my head. *sigh* But Econs, damn it all. I don’t like it that much. >_<

Anyways, other than that, things are the same. I’m still staying in Villa, in the same room. Except for the housemate that I talk with, all the other housemates are new~! We’ve got two girls from Cambodia (or Burma, maybe?) and four Malaysians and one girl from China. =D Pretty much everyone’s my seniour in Business, and only a couple are Engineering students. Almost everyone cooks, and one girl likes to cook for her friends, so again, our fridge is always full and cooking ware occupies available space. They’ve shifted the fridge and _finally_ gave us electrical outlets near that blue table, which is why everyone’s got their rice cookers and kettles on it now.

They removed the electrical outlets near the bathrooms, but luckily left the extra one by the tv (it’s just next to my door). I have my own lil table there, so I don’t have to fight for space on the blue table. Heh heh. =D

As always, the freezer is packed to the max:

I did mention that we could request for a new fridge (someone I knew did) and the Villa will accomodate the request, as long as they have a fridge to spare. But then we were thinking, we might not want to add on to our electric bill. I’m guessing this semester’s bill will be higher than last semester’s, because this time around, my housemates actually watch tv. *laughs* Before, no one did. But a few of them like watching One Piece (in Cantonese on Star World, methinks), and Chinese dubbed Korean dramas after that. =D I’d love to join them, but I can’t understand most of what’s being said on tv. Haha.

Oh yeah, I coloured my hair black and cut it real short. ^_^; I was kinda sick of being blonde because a few people on campus are blonde as well. And when I coloured it black, I felt depressed, so I chopped my longish hair off. So now, I’m back to the short spiky hair I used to have years back. =D The decision to blacken my hair was also made because I wanted to save money. Instead of colouring my hair and spending around $400 a year, I decided to use the money towards stuff like clothes and shoes. =D So $4 worth of cheap henna dye erased $100 worth of bleach and hair colour in under an hour and I don’t think I wanna look back. Though when I realise how boring it makes me look, I kinda wanna colour my hair again. *laughs* But ah…it does feel great to be able to buy shoes and clothes again. Though the problem of my fat-gain kinda made me feel slightly depressed while shopping. ^_^;;

This semester, I’d like to be a little more active–swim and run. After my assignments are due, I guess…though well, by the time things are over, it’ll be the end of the semester already. haha. ^_^; Well, we’ll see how it goes.

Oh, here’s a new t-shirt I bought cos I couldn’t resist:

No, I’ve never wanted extra cheese on my burgers, but I do love burgers. *grin*

Okay, I will go do some work on at least one of my assignments now. ^_^;;

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  1. I want a picture of your new hair pronto! :)

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