Weight gain = no, size gain = yes

Well, depressing academic stuff aside, I’ve got an even more depressing discovery. OMG. I didn’t gain weight, but I did gain FATS. OMG. How do I increase in size WITHOUT increasing in WEIGHT!? *cries* I can’t fit into one of the fitted tops that I could fit into last December. Boobies grew, waist grew and […]

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Update: 9 weeks into the semester

All right, we’re 9 weeks into the semester now and we’ve got one whole week free to do whatever we want before we head back to campus for three more weeks and face the exams! Grar~! This semester has been totally dismal when it comes to reports and grades. -_- One of the subjects I’m […]

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My second uncle…

Today, I found out that the second uncle on my father’s side has passed away. I thought he was sick, but turns out, he was run over by a lady just outside the village head’s house. -_- I think it could probably be considered a freak accident since he’s not of a size which can […]

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