Update: 9 weeks into the semester

All right, we’re 9 weeks into the semester now and we’ve got one whole week free to do whatever we want before we head back to campus for three more weeks and face the exams! Grar~! This semester has been totally dismal when it comes to reports and grades. -_-

One of the subjects I’m taking is Communication in Business. You’d think it has to do with teaching you how to communicate in business (which the old unit did), but no, instead, we’re learning about stakeholders of a business, corporate social responsibility (CSR), etc. And for the assignments, we wrote a report studying how well our chosen company (mine’s Levi Strauss & Co.) did CSR-wise and how it affects two major stakeholders (community and environment). I only got a 66% for that paper because I didn’t use a lot of references and link my report to the “theories taught in lectures”. The latter part is a joke because most of everyone I talk to have no idea what “theories” we’ve been learning. *falls over* We don’t have an assigned textbook. We only have lecture slides which don’t tell you much and an article a week for essential reading, and that’s it. -_- We don’t see the point of this unit, and worse of all, even our tutors don’t understand why this unit covers the things it’s covering. Haha. -_- The first assignment is worth 25% of my overall grade. WTF. A HD seems a very far-away goal right now. -_-

This stupid CIB unit has one more written assignment and then a group presentation, and finally the exam. T_T Recently, we were taught social governance and I see a LOT of crap about how companies should be governed: what is needed to form a company, how many directors, the necessity of a company secretary or whatever it was called. And I’m like, dood, please don’t tell me I have to memorise this CRAP for the exam?! O_o I’m seriously like, wtfffff. I can understand the bare essentials of what a company needs to do in order to comply with the country’s Company’s Act, but the detailed stuff is ridiculous. O_o

And then Marketing 100. One of the most depressing units (though the most interesting) that I’m taking. Marking is _strict_. And the worse thing is, even if you know the concept, sometimes, they are looking for _specific_ keywords. So if you don’t have that one keyword they’re looking for, you’re only looking at getting 60-70% of the mark. -_- For our first report, we did a product analysis on Pantene Anti-Dandruff Shampoo. Most of the students either just lost the plot or something else. The marks for the reports range from 44-66%. -_- WTF. I thought I did pretty well, and covered all the required items in the marking guideline. T_T I’m like, maybe I should have shown my tutor my whole report before I’d submitted it. ARGH. Well, it wasn’t like I could since I did it last minute anyway. *sigh* The worse thing is, the report is worth 35% of our grade. We’ll be having a debate worth 20% and we have in-class participation (doing three case studies) worth 10%. I still don’t know my report grade, and will only find out the week after the next. -_- If I only manage to get 20/35 for the paper, I’m only five marks away from losing that HD. -_- What with things like the debate being subjective, I doubt we’ll be able to pull of 20/20. The damn exam is only worth 35 marks, so I’ll have to score full marks in order to just manage to maintain a D (a grade of 70-79%). OMFG. I swear, this damn unit. And they wonder why people have such a hard time getting HDs in the grade. Do badly in your first report and you’re pretty much f***ed up. T___T Worse case scenario is, if I only just barely passed my first report, I can pretty much kiss even a D away.

Economics 100. OMG. >_< I’m seriously tempted to drop this damn unit and retake it next semester. I overslept and missed my mid-semester test and pretty much threw away 20 marks. I did go see a doctor and made up some lame excuse in order to get a medical cert, but the damn unit does not offer any replacement tests at all. OMG. The damn test is worth 20% and you don’t offer a replacement test?! That’s the difference between a HD and a D grade!! So yeah, goodbye easy HD (COS DAMN IT ALL, THE TEST WAS AN MCQ!!!). -_- I was seriously pissed off at myself. -_- I now have one report to do that’s worth 20 marks, but in truth, I have no idea how well I’ll manage. -_- Exam is 50% so I’ve got to get at least full marks or close to it just in order to get a D grade. T_T I tell myself I’m gonna _ace_ the damn report. >_< I’m going to get started during week free and keep consulting the lecturer in order to keep myself on track. *sigh*

The only one unit which I can aim for a HD in is Finance 203. We’re done with the first Statistics part, and my grade was a sad 37/50. I’ll need to get 43/50 for this mathematics part that we’re doing now in order to get my HD, but I’m thinking it’s pretty doable. I am sure I can get at least a 9 or 10 for my class participation and a 9 for my assignment, and then at least a 25/30 for the exam. The stats exam was actually pretty easy, but er…I got confused over two questions and wasn’t sure what it was asking for so I lost 6 marks that way. ^_^;; But maths, it’s advanced maths that I’m not too bad at, so I’m pretty sure I’ll do fine.

I mean, seriously, I need a HD in _any_ subject in order not to make myself feel like an utter failure. -_- Seriously, this semester is a bad one for me. >_< I’ve just been slacking off, and unable to get myself motivated enough to get started on any of my assignments till they’re almost due, and gods, it’s seriously messed up my grades. I don’t know if it’s because I think they’re too easy to do or something else. *sigh*

Ergh. Well, we’ll see how far up I can pull my socks when the exams roll around and I get my final grades. FIGHT-O~!


Something cute. A couple of my friends, when they found out about me missing my Econs mid-sem test, they asked: did you tell your parents? I was like, er, no. Haha. I don’t ever really recall my parents asking us about our grades, I think? They usually just assume we’d do well. And their “well” equals passing. =D These days, I talk about my grades to show how well I’ve been doing as not to worry my mum. *grin* Also, I guess it is supposed to help motivate me. ^_^;;

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  1. hahaha – i was just having a conversation w my friends about how mom is the furthest thing away from what they call “Tiger moms” – who r always making sure their kids get A’s and is all strict and stuff. I was like “my mom was Chiilllll – she never even “checks” to see if we did our homeworks as long as we said we did – she believed us! and we all did well so she never needed to force us to study~ lol

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