My second uncle…

Today, I found out that the second uncle on my father’s side has passed away. I thought he was sick, but turns out, he was run over by a lady just outside the village head’s house. -_- I think it could probably be considered a freak accident since he’s not of a size which can be missed. But yeah. After the details, I have the horrific image of the accident stuck in my mind. -_-

My sister had seen a lot of our second uncle so she’s more affected than I am. I saw him recently in the past few months, so I still remember him quite clearly. I’m not that close to him (or to most of the uncles on my father’s side). If he’d died peacefully, I probably wouldn’t be bothered, but now I know the circumstances of his death, it’s hard to belief it’d happened. -_- More like, this kind of thing shouldn’t have happened. >_< I feel really bad for my cousins.

This rabbit year doesn’t seem very peaceful. -_- I was told this was a bad year for my chinese zodiac (rooster), but it seems like a bad year for everyone else as well. -_-

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2 Responses to “My second uncle…”

  1. rage

    :( I’m really sorry for all the losses you’ve suffered so far.

    (this year isn’t doing me too well either.)

  2. mom


    Sometime you just cant believe what horoscope said that this is not a very good year for loobster. You can believe but dont take it seriously just let it be n dont keep this in her mind. As not every body born in the year of looster is not good .


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