Weight gain = no, size gain = yes

Well, depressing academic stuff aside, I’ve got an even more depressing discovery. OMG. I didn’t gain weight, but I did gain FATS. OMG. How do I increase in size WITHOUT increasing in WEIGHT!? *cries* I can’t fit into one of the fitted tops that I could fit into last December. Boobies grew, waist grew and overall the top part of my body has just increased in width. T__T Anyways, another of my goals is to start jogging regularly. -_-

But yeah, I have been eating very well since the semester has begun. Every weekend, I usually will have tom yam stew for one whole day. I eat tofu for two days in a row during the weekends, and I have been trying to eat more veggies throughout the week (failing that, mushrooms for fibre). And I’ve been making yummy soups that are so loaded with ingredients I might as well call them stews, cos I don’t usually have anything else other than rice with it. =D

Here’s a few things which I’ve made for lunch + dinner:

Tomyam stew:

It’s usually loaded with veggies (long cabbage makes the soup so sweet!), mushrooms, tofu and crabsticks. I bought a bottle of Swiss Bear tomyam paste (a malaysian brand) and I LOVE it! I’ve finished up the bottle now but the store hasn’t stocked any new ones. T_T I’m now using Nona brand, but it doesn’t taste as yummy. =( I’m gonna try another brand next time. The colour isn’t very red (aka spicy), cos I didn’t add a lot of the paste. And in truth, the ingredients usually take away the sourness of the tomyam, which is a shame, but they make the soup really flavourful. =D

Vegetable stew with chicken feet:

This is my favourite soup when we make it back home. It has potatos, tomatoes and onions in it and is just flavoured with salt, and usually some meat. I threw in some chicken feet cos I still have not been able to buy meat successfully. *grin* I kinda seriously get icked when I see the meat on display at eMart. Getting the chicken feet almost grossed me out, and while picking nice-looking ones that didn’t turn me off, I wondered why the hell I loved eating such _disgusting_ looking things. *sobs* But seriously, chicken feet in soups are the best, especially when the skin’s all bloated up and soft, and you can just suck it off those tiny bones… =D

Corn vegetable stew with square noodles:

My friend gave me a couple of small corn, and I needed to make dinner so I threw it into a pot with a fresh tomato and fresh tofu. The soup was really tomato-ey initially, so I added salt, and a lil bit of mirin and light soy sauce to taste. I also simmered it for a long time in order to sweeten the soup. Lastly, I added some wantan skin (wrappers) as carbs cos I was too lazy to cook rice. I love wantan wrappers in soup. =D This was sooo yummmy. =D

So far, the staples in my fridge are: tofu and oyster mushrooms. *laughs* I try not to buy things to stock up the fridge anymore cos they _freeze_ in the fridge: even with the temp set on low. -_- My vegetables like carrots and cucumbers freeze, and once my canned drinks froze as well. Luckily, my cheese slices do not, nor does my milk in its carton. But still, it means buying vegetables to keep on hand can just be a waste of money. And as eMart is about 5 mins away, when I need ingredients, I just hop into the car and buy whatever I want to cook for the day or the next day. =D

And meat. Ergh. Our freezer’s packed and sometimes, things don’t really freeze very well. Or there are days when things defrost because it’s too full and/or the freezer door won’t shut properly cos it’s too full and no one notices… -_- So I’ve not really dared to buy any meat to keep in the freezer. And when I do feel like buying some chicken, whatever’s sold in the stalls at eMart gross me out. ToT So I eat chicken only on campus, and real meat has yet to touch any of my homecooked dishes.

Oh, and I learned that back home, my aunty overcooks the fresh tofu in her dishes, which is why I don’t like it: texture and taste-wise. The way I cook it, I just leave it in the pan or soup long enough to heat it up and then serve. This way, the tofu remains nice and soft! It could be the type of fresh tofu I buy as well. I always buy the larger blocks of fresh tofu (they were cut from a huge block, so most of the tofu is soft), and I actually trim off the hardened edges cos I don’t like them. =D

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2 Responses to “Weight gain = no, size gain = yes”

  1. Rage

    :( sadly, it’s probably fat gain paired with loss of muscle. I have that issue. atm, I’m doing weight training to gain muscle and let that muscle eat my fats.

    That looks so delish T_T omg

  2. we have the same favourite soupy!!! the mix veggie one that mom/auntie makes at home. I just made a giant pot coz i m sick and am having it 3 days straight~ oh oh and wonton skins in soups r the best.

    p/s: u like ur tofu eh? lol

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