Missed out on Villa’s tenancy renewal!

The stupidest thing happened! I had been worrying about when tenancy renewal began and so I’d looked up the housing calendar. And I marked down the date on my calendar and set a reminder on my phone. So confident and all. On the day, my phone reminded me (Monday), my friend happened to be with me. I was like, oh, it’s time to renew tenancy, and my friend was like, no, it’s time for confirmation of our tenancy renewal. OMFG. I missed out on the renewal period. I had looked and remembered the wrong date! T_T I had to apply as a new tenant, and pay the RM20 registration fee. And now I have to wait _two_ weeks for them to confirm what room I’ll get. New students get priority, so they won’t accommodate any room requests from me. T_T OMFG. I actually want my current room back cos I’m okay with my current housemates, not to mention the miri wifi connection is great there. T__T

And just in case they can’t even give me the big room in Villa and give me my 2nd or 3rd choices, which I don’t want, I’m now looking for outside housing options as well. T_T The same friend who’d been with me told me that a friend of hers who’s renting a house outside campus is looking to rent out one of her rooms. It’s just maybe 5 mins further from where I currently live, and she’s offering it real cheap. RM270 furnished (instead of the RM460 I pay now). Additional electric and water might not add up to more than RM100, so it sounds good. I’m just worried about security. >_< Cos I did look at the area, and the houses I saw, they didn’t have iron grills over the front door, so I doubt the back door is grilled as well. Security is important over here cos we students tend to be targetted by thieves and break-ins are kinda common in the area. T_T I’m gonna go over to have a look at the house next week, but otherwise, the price is really ideal. Cos another friend introduced me to another offer, and it was a furnished room for RM400. >_< And it was a lot further from campus. T_T Other places tend to rent out whole units (three room bungalows) for RM1500 or so. ToT

Another friend told me that I can probably beg Housing to give me my old room back, and she offered to go with me to talk to them about it. But I don’t think I ought to do that. It was my fault afterall, so kicking up a fuss, demanding, or even _begging_ to get my room back isn’t something that I want to do. Cos it’d be embarrassing, and well…I do have some pride. -_- I don’t want to make myself look even stupider after already doing a stupid thing like not renewing my tenancy on time. T_T

The one problem with renting outside is that we have to pay for the months we’re not around during semester breaks. -_- So savings from low rent might actually turn out to be zero, and you end up spending even more, when you calculate having to pay for extra 4 months out of the year when you’re not living there. -_- In this case, getting a room for RM270 is a lot better than getting a room for RM400. ToT

I _am_ curious enough to want to try living outside for one semester though. A few of my friends who are in Villa as well are looking into that for their final year. Though, I think, if I can get an affordable unit, two of them will probably move out with me next sem. But three-room units for RM1500 are beyond my budget! Even if it were shared by four people, it’s still steep. -_- Not to mention, I’m iffy about staying with two guys who might just drive me nuts in the long term, though they’d be lots of fun. *grin*

I’ve got two more weeks to make a decision, and I hope the girl with the cheap room doesn’t find another interested person before I make up my mind!

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