Last sem’s updates

Okay, so the semester’s over and I’m now on a one-month semester break. OMG. I messed up so badly during the semester. T_T I’m now looking at failing my Economics 100 and am planning to retake it as my 5th unit next sem. -_- I was studying for the exam throughout the night and a headache started coming on. I popped a couple of painkillers and tried to read through it. It got worse and when I couldn’t take it anymore, I flopped onto bed to try to sleep it off. And I overslept! >_< I woke up not feeling very much better, but the pounding was gone. But when I went to the clinic to try to get an mc for it, the doc wouldn’t give it to me. Cos apparently, too many students had gone to see him for some reason or another in order to miss their exams and he was afraid he’d get inquired. T__T I didn’t think another doctor would give me an mc since he’d already refused, so I grabbed a deferred exam form, filled it in and hoped for the best. -_- The uni called me and said they wouldn’t give me the exam cos I didn’t have an mc. So I’ve just failed the unit. -_-

So yeah. *sigh* Not only will the previous semester see lousy grades, I will have an F as well. -_- I’m actually more chagrined about wasting the money on retaking the unit than anything else, actually. -_- Cos the money was meant for a graduation trip or just some nice savings to tide me over after graduation while I go jobhunting. -_- But yeah. Anyway. -_- Life will go on. The unit is actually uber easy, so retaking it as an extra unit is no biggie. It’s jjust a waste of time as I’ll have to attend every lecture and tutorial again. *makes a face*

Anyways. I plan to be busy next term co-curicular-wise. I’d joined CYA (Curtin Young Associates), which is a “club” of sorts, formed by the Marketing department of the uni. We aim at reaching out to local high school kids in order to interest them in university life and give them the opportunity to mix with us uni students. We joined last sem, but didn’t really get a chance to plan our activities, instead running activities already planned by our supervisors. Next sem, we’re going to be more active (hopefully) and plan more stuff. =D

In truth, CYA has a number of issues. First of all, the supervisor in charge of us is uber busy and yet demanding and also has quite a bit of a temper. She’s immature enough to take out her frustrations on us. And other than me and our President, most of the kids in our club have no idea about organising events, running things on their own, etc. So instead of giving us guidance, she keeps telling us we have to make our own decisions, and yet most of those decisions still need to go through her for approval. There’s no clear-cut heirarchy of how things work. And she doesn’t explain it either, and when we first find out about matters that fall under it, she takes an impatient tone with us. Now, I’m an adult, and I’ve been a working adult for many years. I obviously can’t stand nonsense like this, though I try to back down when we have meetings and when we’re doing our work. Even so, her attitude is pretty disappointing for an adult who’s supposed to inspire us to inspire high school students. *rolls eyes*

And also, inexperienced group leaders also make organising things very haphazard. Lordy. Our dependable and capable the president has washed his hands of the socialmedia team because the leader (the vice-president) seems to think she needs to have her hand in everything, and yet doesn’t seem to understand what delegation is. Well, pretty much has no idea how to really handle a team, and doesn’t get that being uber-demanding to make your team look capable is just sowing discord. Haha.

I was under sponsorship, working directly under our CYA supervisor, but they decided to also put me under socialmedia as well next sem. Probably in hopes that I can rein in our vice-pres since I’m good friends with her. *falls over* After this year, depending on how the coming sem goes, I might opt to join another of these “organising events” clubs instead. Our uni currently has 3-4 of these clubs. =D

Next post or so will be about a 2-day camp we CYA had helped organised back in May. It was fun~! =D

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