Tenancy next sem

Oh, and for those concerned, my tenancy renewal has been reinstated. Which was kind of disappointing, because I had already been gearing up and looking forward to moving out and having a free pet next sem. -_- But yeah, housing reinstated my tenancy and I’ll be getting my old room again next sem. What kinda annoyed me was that the email they’d sent held a warning in it. It was like, please do not forget to renew your tenancy again or we will not entertain any requests next time. And I was like, dood, I paid $20 in order to apply as a new tenant. I didn’t request for renewal of my current room, though I wanted to stay in the same room. I can forget my tenancy renewal every freaking sem, and just keep paying the new applicant fee. They made it sound like I didn’t pay a freaking thing and had BEGGED them to do me a favour or something. And I never did. -_-

And when I went to housing services to get an invoice for my next sem’s fees, Azlan repeated the same warning as the email. And then when I handed in my paid invoice, the girl who took it from me smiled and told me not to forget my renewal next sem. *__* I’m like, whaaa? *falls over* Maybe they did pay attention and made sure I had my room back, cos Azlan knew I wanted it back, and the housing people actually can be pretty nice and reasonable. *sigh*

Grar. Anyways. I’ve got my room back and will faithfully mark down the CORRECT dates on my phone, my calendar, etc. -_-;;

I still had to bring a number of things back home with me when I left. Cos they wanted to do maintenance and I couldn’t fit everything into my wardrobe, and we were advised not to leave things out. My car was still half full when I drove home. =D

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