End of week 2!

End of week 2 and still going strong! Well, kind of. ^_^; Financial-wise, it’s been stressful. Haha. I had to buy a financial calculator, and textbooks and that set me back one month’s meagre food allowance. >_< I never thought I’d see the day when I’d be at the supermarket, staring at butter, thinking about […]

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[manga] La Corda D’Oro

I did a marathon reading of the manga La Corda d’Oro by Kure Yuki. Which is surprising, considering it was 17 volumes and the main character was a female who had the potential to turn me off. In truth, I think I was reading for the guys. In particular, I was reading it because of […]

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Oh, this was when my kitty cat made me worry. I was eating lunch and as usual, she was around where I could see her. For some reason, she was just lying there. When I looked at her, she was lying pretty still with her eyes open like so. After a while, I kinda got […]

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Shawn’s bday

We celebrated Shawn’s bday yesterday/today, after midnight. It was sooo weird. The guys wanted to tie him up and thrown him into the Lakeside manmade lake. Initially, I’d thought they wanted to throw him into the real lake where a large crocodile warning resides. ^_^; Luckily it was just the manmade one near the hostel […]

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New jdrama!

There are a couple of jdrama I’m interested in currently. Ikemen Desu Ne, a remake of the Korean drama You’re Beautiful, and Hanazakari no Kimitachi E 2011, a remake of the jdrama of the same name. ^_^ Yes, they all feature ikemen~! Good looking (and skinny, I bet!) young guys galore!! For the former, I […]

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Pumpkin bread

I ate pumpkin bread (which was like a soft roll with sweet pumpkin that was almost a custard here and there in the bread) at one of the local bakeries and I fell in love with it.! =D The dough recipe was from Agnes Chang’s bread book. It was for rolled buns with some fruit […]

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The Bread Machine!

OMG. I’m sooo in love with this gadget that is the bread machine! Actually, I love it for the dough making, though the thought of having fresh baked white bread every morning automatically sounds neat. =D I still can’t believe that such a tiny little paddle on the bottom can knead so perfectly. *_* For […]

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