A lil post about a lil cat

I left for Miri on Sunday and it was only at night when I realised that I’d not seen Misha when I was leaving and I didn’t get to say goodbye. *_* I wonder if she’s wondering where the heck I went. Haha. Usually I say bye before I leave the house (I’m actually wondering if she understands–and maybe I’m trying to make her understand?) and give her a pat on the head. Ah well. I gotta head home next month for some stuff, so I’ll see her then.

Here’s Misha waiting for you to feed her:

My baby is spoilt. *laughs* Not sure if I’ve mentioned it before. I might have. ^_^; But indulge me. She’s just picky about food. She doesn’t really eat real food, and sticks with her kibble (and the random lizard or two). I gave her a kibble-only diet because I wanted dry poop, and she surprising sticks with it. ^_^; She might eat a bit of chicken skin, but usually, she’d just licks the sauce off the skin and leave it. With her kibble though, it must be fresh. If it’s been on her bowl for a while and no longer has a crunch (we call it ‘masuk angin’ in Malay, which literally means ‘air enter’), she won’t eat it. ^_^; So we have to feed her little bits at a time cos she only eats a bit at a time. And she’s gotten used to calling to be fed when she’s hungry. If there’s still some kibble on her bowl, but she’s miao-ing to be fed, that’s when you know the leftovers aren’t fresh anymore. ^_^;;

I only realised this some time back. My mum and aunty didn’t think it was true about the ‘masuk angin’ kibble until I proved it. I’d place fresh kibble in with the leftovers, and she’d sniff at them first before eating and eat all the fresh ones, leaving behind the soggier ones. *laughs* I swear, before she was spayed, she had never been that fussy. ^_^; I think she realised that my mum and my aunty were totally sympathetic with her after her spaying and were willing to make her happy so since she can get away she it, she does. *laughs*

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