Apple Pie

I made apple pie! We had a lot of green apples leftover from the lunch on Day 1 of the camp. I brought some home and decided to make an apple pie with it. =D Found a recipe here and followed it to the tee. I made 1 1/2 of the recipe cos I wanted to use up all the apples. Didn’t think of making extra dough, though the recipe advised it. But here’s how it went…

I went and bought a pastry blender because I was curious about the tool. I’d planned to use a fork instead, but since I saw it and it wasn’t that expensive, I got one anyway:

It was pretty awesome. Blended the dough nicely and everything was kept nice and cold. =D Ah, about my dough, I think I used too much water though. Cos unlike the picture on the website, where the dough looked kinda dry and crumbly, my dough was too wet, so I kept incorporating flour to make it drier. T_T I always forget to use the water bit by bit. I’ve found that a lot of times, it could be that my cup measurements aren’t the same as those listed online, my mixtures always have too much water.

So okay, the pastry wasn’t that much of a success. Then I did the filling and ergh. I didn’t drain my apples enough and the spices and sugar were all watered off the apples. =( I didn’t think of pouring the whole thing onto the pastry, cos I was afraid it’d be too wet, but apparently, it should have been fine? Haha. Despite the 1 1/2 recipe used, I only had enough dough for a 9-inch pan. ^_^;; So my dough was probably rolled out too thick. There was definitely too much apple filling. ^_^;; I used as much as I could and made the rest into jam.

Yeah, as you can see, the cinnamon didn’t stick to the apple slices much. T_T

Here’s my pie baked:

I didn’t place it in the oven very long because I was afraid it might be burnt. So the apple slices weren’t as cooked as I’d like. =(

Verdict: I will definitely make this again in order to improve upon it. The pastry was not too bad, though a bit thick. But it wasn’t that fragrant. I like flaky pastries that are buttery and taste slightly saltier. So I might try another pastry recipe. Otherwise it seems fine as it is.

The apple pie filling wasn’t cinnamony enough, and the apples didn’t cook through. I love McD’s apple pie, and I’m wondering if perhaps I should cook the filling separately first next time and then add it to the pie to get that gooey goodness. ^_^;

But on the whole, I was pretty happy with the result. =D

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