End of week 2!

End of week 2 and still going strong! Well, kind of. ^_^; Financial-wise, it’s been stressful. Haha. I had to buy a financial calculator, and textbooks and that set me back one month’s meagre food allowance. >_< I never thought I’d see the day when I’d be at the supermarket, staring at butter, thinking about whether I should buy it or not (as it’s now considered a luxury item). *falls over* It didn’t help that the brand I was looking at was going to expire in a few months, and there’s no way I’d finish the whole thing that soon. So spending almost RM10 on it felt like a waste. Haha. ^_^;; After paying for that fifth unit, I’m being really careful with my money now. Food purchases that aren’t necessities costing more than RM10 have been making me pause. *grin* Going to McD and any other fastfood chains is now a luxury! (Though not being able to go fits in with my aim to eat more healthily this sem.)

Lookit my spanking new calculator that cost me half my food allowance! In a gold colour with silvery bits, how classy it looks!

I guess they were trying to “fancy” it up cos it’s a financial calculator and sounds like it should have a bit of class. T_T But the gold and silverish tones just make the damn thing look tacky amidst the dark grey plastic. -_- Well, you can’t tell from the pic, but in person it’s kinda ugh cos it’s all plastic. -_- We got it real cheap at this bookstore: RM158 when shops like Popular were selling it for RM230 or so! =D It went out of stock real fast, but luckily, the store was able to bring in more stock once we ordered it. =D

Anyways, I’m trying to eat healthier. >_< Been trying to include vegetables in every meal. I’ve been successful about 1/2 of the time so far. Though the vegetables have only been long cabbage in soups, french beans and long beans (all in soups too!). ^_^; I have a bad habit of overcooking my veggies in soups cos I like them soft (there goes the nutrients). ToT I still have not managed to buy any type of fresh meat successfully. I’m hoping to try to cook more chicken this sem. ^_^; If just to give myself a variety. I mean, I do like tofu, but meat is really nice too. ToT

Here’s one of my meals recently:

Tomyam stew with long cabbage, french beans, Figo seafood tofu with cheese (this is yummy!). Rice scooped in because I was too lazy to keep it on separate plate. ^_^;

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