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Okay, I’m back in Miri, one week before sem break ends. *sigh* Was hoping to go home yesterday after enrolling for my 5th unit (the Economics that I failed), but Anba (head of department for my course) wasn’t in, and it looks like I’ll be here till I go home next month or so. I managed to see Anba this morning. He seemed quite reluctant to approve my going for five units. And he was asking me what units I was taking the coming sem, but I couldn’t remember the exact titles. And he was like, if you can’t even remember what units you’re going to take, it means you’re not exactly a responsible person. I was like, er… O_o I don’t remember the units cos the titles were similar. For the record, they’re Finance (Principles), Accounting (Managerial), Accounting (Financial) and Law 222. *sigh*

Anyways, I was telling him that I knew exactly what the workload for Econs would be like, and basically, all I’d needed to do was sit for the damn exam to had passed it easily. =( He explained that Curtin Perth is quite strict about letting students sit for their 5th units, etc, and he knows the units I’ll be taking will not be easy. But since my previous grades were okay (though my cwa–course weighted average–cos of the failure, etc was only 50% or so), he’ll approve, but he’ll be keeping an eye on me. Haha. I was like, sure (as long as you approve it!). And he said that if I fail, etc, I’ll never be able to get an approval for any 5th unit additions in the future. Seriously, he must be kidding about wanting any more 5th units in the future (unless I fail at something or the other–which would be unlikely from now on). I know that the work is going to be tough now that I’m doing units that are part of my major. The only reason I can even consider Econs for my 5th is cos I don’t need to concentrate on it at all until it’s time for reports and tests and exams. Cos I have been to all tutorials and have done all the work and the tutorial questions are repeated every year. Heh. =D

Anba did warn me about timetable clashes though. I told him I’d checked the night before and if I managed to get the slots I want, there won’t be any clashes. And luckily, for the Law 222 unit, they have only one class that’s three hours long. So I’ll only have 9 classes (lectures and tutorials) in one week. =D And _hopefully_, if I can get the classes I want, I’ll be able to leave Thursday (and Friday) free! *crosses fingers hard* I really hope there won’t be any timetabling clashes. Most Commerce students are taking Accounting and Finance, which is why there are so many classes, so clashes are quite likely.

Online registration for tutorial classes is tomorrow. If Student Services are done fiddling with my additional unit and adding it to my account, I might be able to register for classes online tomorrow.  *crosses fingers* Otherwise, I might not be able to register for _any_ classes online and have to wait till Thursday to do manual class registration with Enrollment at Student Services tomorrow. Gotta wake up early to beat the damn queue! >=D

But yeah, everything is done. Oh, and my semester results, I’ll write about that next week. haha. Let me relax for now. =D

Oh yeah! There is this damn kitten who keeps coming into the house! OMFG. I had to keep all windows closed and the unit is dark and gloomy. And worse of it, my housemate (there are only two of us right now) left the door open and the kitten came in and it PEED in the house. OMG. T_T I think I mopped up the spot (against the dining table leg), but there still seems to be a smell? T_T

I am biased when it comes to animals. I don’t have any feelings for strays, and while I don’t harbour any dislike for them, I’m of the mind that if you don’t bother me, I don’t bother you. So to have these damn strays coming into my unit is an invasion of my personal space. And to have them meow at me and rub themselves around my feet when I don’t want to touch them totally turns me off. I actually would pet them and stuff, but I do not want them in the house at all; and with these strays, if you show them kindness once, they’ll keep coming back, so I’ve always made sure to shoo them away and maintain a distance. *sigh* Hopefully, once the unit has more people, they’ll keep shooing the kitten away and it’ll keep away. T_T

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  1. you are only allowed to take 4 per semester??! you will be fine w 5. I had to take 5 per semester (but i always take summer off thats why) to graduate in time. LOL.

  2. SephXIII

    Yeah, we’re only allowed to take four. And you need approval for taking five. They actually want to look at your cwa, gpa, etc before approval. haha. Our summer courses are kinda lame. They don’t offer a lot of units during the summer. Essentially, you might be able to squeeze in 1-2 units per summer. If you manage to do four units during two summers, you could finish your course half a year early, assuming four of the units you need to do are offered during the summer. Otherwise, there’s no point doing a summer course, unless you’ve failed and couldn’t take it as a fifth unit during the regular semesters. >_<

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