First day of classes!

Just had my first day of classes. I was soooo tired cos I didn’t get to sleep early the night before. I was yawning like mad the whole of the first class. >_< I had classes from 8am till 10.30am and then afternoon classes from 1.30 till 4.30pm. It’s surprising that I’m still awake somehow right now. =D I am actually drinking coffee cos whenever I’m tired, my first instinct is to turn to coffee. The smell stimulates me, though drinking it never really does. ^_^; For me, I think, coffee is almost a psychological thing. =D

Last night, my friends and I went to Merdeka Mall and watched the last Harry Potter movie the night before. It was funny, cos we actually wanted to watch Transformers, but all seats except for the first two rows were taken. The other option was Harry Potter. Two friends wanted to, while the other two were reluctant. And me, my ticket was paid for, so I went along with whatever. If I had been paying, I wouldn’t have watched it. ^_^;

I only watched two of the HP movies and happily ignored the rest. But this last movie was goood. =D Wow, all of them can really act now, can’t they? ^_^;; And Snape. OMG. Snape looove~! It was sooo awesome seeing so much of Snape. ToT Am thinking of rereading the books all over again. =D

Shawn has never watched any of the movies and said he wants to watch all the movies in a marathon. I was like, count me in whenever. *laughs* He is sooo funny. He just came back today, and we met up for lunch. He was like, I wanna go home. My first instinct was to say, cos of some girl or two or three back home, right? And he just gave me this wide smile and said, “you know me so well!.” *rolls eyes*

I love the friends I hang out with in uni. They can be so hilarious. Three guys who like talking about chicks, and a lovey dovey couple who are in their first relationship (or maybe second), who sometimes act like lil puppies. Sometimes, I feel soo oooold when I’m around them. *laughs* Shawn attempted to call me “da jie” (big sis) once (he and I are real close cos we had most classes together the last two sems), and I was horrified. *laughs* But they’re a lot of fun and a couple of them share the same sarky humour as me, so we poke fun at the others and laugh when they’re slow to catch on (usually cos of the language issue). >=D

Sometimes, I wonder how we managed to form such a strange lil group, and yet it’s great. =D I don’t have any close buddies in any of my classes cos they all hang out in their own lil groups, so it’s good I’ve got friends outside of classes to chill with.

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