[manga] La Corda D’Oro

I did a marathon reading of the manga La Corda d’Oro by Kure Yuki. Which is surprising, considering it was 17 volumes and the main character was a female who had the potential to turn me off. In truth, I think I was reading for the guys. In particular, I was reading it because of Tsuchiura, who I liked the moment he’d appeared–which was from the first volume onwards. I also liked Hihara who was so like Nakatsu from Hanakimi (though Nakatsu is better!). =D

Short summary: Kahoko is given a magic violin by the Fairy of Music Lili. She’s also made to join the school’s annual music competition, despite the fact that she has no idea how to play the violin at all. Luckily for her, with the magic violin, all she has to do is _feel_ and the violin does the work. She falls in love with the violin eventually, and after the magic violin breaks, she decides to start learning how to play. And that’s when all sense of any plot disappears. ^_^;;

But overall, the boys were cute, and the art was good. The main character Kahoko wasn’t too annoying. She’s made quite human by her insecurities when it comes to playing the violin, and her enthusiasm and smiles isn’t too annoying. =D But for some people, her musical insecurities _could_ be annoying.

Btw, the picture I put up doesn’t actually show the real colouring of the characters–colouring which is kinda…lame. >_< But the design _is_ for a game, so er…whatever. I like this more realistic colouring better. =D

Spoilers abound:

I know I shouldn’t have expected much, considering that this was a manga based on a girls dating sim game (at least that was the impression I got), but I was kinda disappointed in the lack of a plot overall. I mean, 17 volumes! It managed to go on for 17 volumes somehow! *o* The story was all rightish when the fairy Lili was still around, because it gave you the idea there was a plot with a foreseeable conclusion. But when she left, and our main character Kahoko fell all to pieces over her violin, etc etc, it was kinda…almost annoying. So she discovers her love for the violin and seriously starts learning how to play it. That’s great! But it would have been neater if we were told she displayed some natural talent or something. As far as I could tell, she was just a n00b violin player in the end who is utterly enthusiastic and because of how hardworking she is, her violin tends to pull at the hearts of those who hear it. Being a non-musical person, it sounds farfetched, I suppose. The story arc after Lili disappears seems to just be to see Kahoko struggle with the violin and then end up with one of the boys in the conclusion. -_-

As I’d mentioned, I read the whole series because of Tsuchiura. OMG. I’m so in love with this boy. From the get go, he was stable, he was kind, he was _the one_. We can tell he likes Kahoko from the get go as well! But obviously, our Kahoko doesn’t notice a damn thing and keeps turning her attention to Tsukimori Len, whose violin playing had first captivated her. -_- I don’t like Len. He was a cardboard cutout. Nothing interesting about his character, even though his type is the one I’d be the first to go for in a dating sim game. Even his reasons for being the person he is falls flat when we see the loving kind of background he grows up in. I was very disappointed that Kahoko ends up with him, despite the fact that I could see it happening in the last some volumes. But it’s dissatisfying because I cannot see _why_ she’s in love with him–other than for his awesome musical talent which strikes a chord in her. -_- Something about his character was just lacking and I couldn’t feel for him.

Tsuchiura’s confession to Kahoko could have been an emotional wrencher (for me anyway), but I felt that the mangaka took the easy way out. But then, I suppose Tsuchiura acted the way one would expect him to act. Mr Nice Guy. Ergh. I’m sorry, but since I like him so much more than Len, I just wanted to see him end up happy, damn it! >=( I never really thought I’d go for the stable, steady types like Tsuchiura instead of the cold bastards like Tsukimori, but as I’ve said, Tsukimori was just lacking in something.

I doubt I’ll ever read this manga again, but it had been a pretty good ride despite all the issues. =D

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