Misha’s new toy

Before my sem break, I’d bought a twitchy pole (er…cat fishing pole-like toy?) for Misha and she loves it! She likes dashing about chasing the pink fluff on the end.

I left the plastic bag on cos it makes a nice sound when I swing it around and when she grabs it. =D

Misha’s really cute when she plays. She’d chase the pink fluff around, and then stop and flop on her side (as in the picture). That’s her cue that she wants you to bring the fluff close so that she can grab it (and kick it and bite it, etc) while rolling on her back . I think this is the play-killing that cats do with live mice and stuff? Problem is, she tends to want to do this with my hands as well. And it hurts. You’d be petting her and then her tail starts to twitch. That’s the cue to snatch your hands away cos she want to play. She got used to me using my hands to hold onto a small stuffed toy to shake it while she bites and kicks at it. -_- So toy or not, the hand is still the plaything. Haha. With the pole, my hand is kept safe!

I usually have to warn visitors who like petting her to be careful. Cos next thing you know, she’d grab the hand and start play-biting and kicking at it, and we’d have people saying my cat’s a wild thing that bites. >_< She’s actually not the type which likes to sit around while you pet her. The petting is just a prelude to playing. ^_^;; Unlike Maki, Misha won’t jump up onto your lap and sit quietly. She won’t even stay on your lap for longer than five seconds. She’ll stick around the same room, or just the same floor in the house and follow you around to make sure she knows where you’re at, but she isn’t clingy. Even so, she’s uber possessive. Haha. When I go outside to pet the dogs, she’d be close by miao-ing as if she’s abandonned or something. ^_^; There’s no way we can get another pet in the house as long as she’s around, cos I doubt she’d be able to take it, though it might be interesting to see if she’d adjust. ^_^;;

I love my kitty-kat. =D

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