Made mochi this afternoon. I’d asked Obi-chan for the recipe in hopes of making a batch when I was at home, but I didn’t get to do it. She’d msged me last night asking me how it went, etc, and we started talking about icecream mochi (I wish the stores still sold them!), and I suddenly had a craving for mochi. T__T It’s the saltiness of the soft mochi and the slightly sweet inside that I craved–those particular two flavours together! So I decided to make mochi the next day (aka today)!

I’ve seen microwave mochi recipes around, and they were a lot simpler than Obi-chan’s. No evaporated milk, or whatever. I followed the recipe on this site. I used glutinous rice flour, instead of that sweet rice flour (which I assume is mochiko). OMG. It was uber eaaaaasy. *_* And sooo quick!

For the anko (red bean paste), I followed the instructions in the Cooking With Dog “How to make Zenzai and Anko” video. =D The video didn’t mention soaking the red beans before hand, but I did soak mine for 4 hours first. I made a huge batch, cos I didn’t measure the beans and threw in the entire small pack of beans I’d bought. ^_^; I ended up with almost 3 cups of cooked beans and used almost one cup of granulated sugar to sweeten it. My beans didn’t become a smooth paste, but I like them that way. =D

To do the mochi, I was guided by Cooking With Dog’s Strawberry Daifuku video. =D Usually, I’d roll the mochi with cling-wrap and only flour the mochi after the anko has been wrapped. But I thought to try the video’s method. =D

Wet and dry ingredients ready to be mixed. I mixed it directly in my microwaveable bowl:

I might have added too much water, cos my mixture was quite watery. It might have resulted in a…goo-ier cooked mochi.

I didn’t fiddle with any settings on my microwave. Just set the time to three mins and started cooking. Here’s the result:

There was a well of liquid in the middle of the gluey mess, but after mixing it for the required one minute, it got cooked by the heat. And I guess we pop it back in for 45 secs just in case. =D

Here by my rolled anko (red bean paste) balls (I went to the kitchen to roll the mochi, hence the diff coloured lighting):

So basically, after the microwave treatment, the mochi is dumped onto a plate with flour on it:

Coat that large mess with flour and separate. This was my flour-coated mochi pieces, ready to be wrapped around my anko balls:

OMG. The mochi was sooo hot. >_< And uuuber sticky. When covering the anko balls with mochi, you’re essentially stretching the mochi to fit (especially if your anko ball is biggish and your mochi piece is smallish). As you stretch the mochi, you have to make sure your hands are covered in flour or make sure to pat the stretched mochi with flour or you’ll just have mochi all over your fingers! *_* Tricky.

Some of my mochi weren’t very even. And cos my anko balls were biggish, my mochi were quite thin (I prefer them thicker). Here’s the result of my afternoon:

I’m actually very pleased with this. =D I actually like my mochi gooey so I thought everything turned out quite well. Next time though, I need to get me some green tea powder and make green tea mochi with anko filling! =D And I’ll also try with a little less liquid to see how the mochi texture ends up when cooked.

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3 Responses to “Mochi!”

  1. Ummi Q

    lets see if I can make this…..I wanna try filling them with crushed peanuts like the ones from Mei kong…^^

  2. SephXIII

    Haha. That’s what I plan to do with my mum. =D She likes that type of mochi. Let me know which recipe you’d used and what the texture of your mochi is like when you’ve done it. =D

  3. Ummi Q

    will do…^_-

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