[music] Black Veil Brides

I saw Black Veil Bride’s We Sitch These Wounds album on iTunes (shopfront) and was instantly drawn to the visual kei-ish jrock look the band members had going. I can’t find the picture I saw on iTunes, but the image on top is pretty close, I guess. I tried looking, but I couldn’t find the image which had made me stop and look up the band. Or maybe I had misremembered it. Listening to the cd, though, was a kinda strange experience.

Over the past couple of years or so, I’ve been listening to some jrock bands (Deathgaze, Nega, Lynch) which have a similar feel to BVB (slightly heavy, some growls and screams/screeches, but melodic choruses, or melodic throughout), and hearing English lyrics at first had felt kind of strange. ^_^; But the vocalist had the type of voice I enjoyed listening to and the songs were slightly heavy with guitars enough and also melodic enough to appeal to me (albeit the screaming now and then). But the lyrics kinda leave something to be desired. I guess that’s the charm of listening to jrock–I don’t understand most of what’s going on, so the lyrics could be shit for all I care. BVB’s lyrics were kinda…lame. I mean, in the first track, a voice grates out “This record is for the outcasts, following a story of love life, and never giving in…” (or something similar). And the next track ‘We Stitch These Wounds’ have this grandish intro. *wince* Prematurish kind of feel, like they’re a newish band (which they are, I guess), trying to impress with a grand intro.

What I didn’t like, and what I thought spoilt the band’s image were the three acoustic tracks in the album. It’s like, wtf? O_o The slow songs are decent, but they throw the whole album off. Maybe they play a part of the “story” mentioned in track one. *shrugs*

For me, the band is like a normal rock band, trying to add in a bit of metal and screams in between, something I got used to (and actually enjoy) with the jrock bands I’ve been listening to. But somehow, something about BVB’s songs are still a bit off for me. It could be that the transition between the heavy parts and the poprock-sounding parts don’t flow that well. It doesn’t help that in the melodic parts, the singer uses his natural voice, which is pretty sweet. ^_^; I do like his voice (just up my alley when it comes to male vocalists), but like I said, the transition from his growling to poppy sweet boy is just strange. Otherwise, the tracks (especially where the guitars were more prominent) are pretty enjoyable and I like their music. =D

Here, take a look at their Perfect Weapon video:

You can hear the lame-sounding intro (track 1 of the cd) I’d mentioned. Remove the speaking intro, and this is one of my favourite songs off the album. =D Oh, Perfect Weapon is actually track 05 in the album. =D

I’m looking at their other videos now, and I still think jrock (or maybe KISS-influence) when it comes to some of their looks. ^_^; I’m curious enough to follow their progress to see how they do in the later albums. =D The new song Legacy sounds awesome, and the vocalists sings with his natural voice less in the chorus, and the sond sounds great overall. =D

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