New jdrama!

There are a couple of jdrama I’m interested in currently. Ikemen Desu Ne, a remake of the Korean drama You’re Beautiful, and Hanazakari no Kimitachi E 2011, a remake of the jdrama of the same name. ^_^ Yes, they all feature ikemen~! Good looking (and skinny, I bet!) young guys galore!! For the former, I haven’t seen the kdrama yet (except for the first ep), so I’m curious how the japanese would do it. And for the second, I just want to see if they could have made the new show even more…amusing than the first one had been (though it had been a fun romp). And obviously, I’m wondering if anyone could top Ikuta Touma’s role as Nakatsu. =D But actually, regarding Hanakimi 2011, I’m just wondering _why_ there was a need for a remake. -_-

Anyways, some pretty eyecandy:

Click on the image above for the Ikemen desu ne drama wiki page, and click here for the Hanakimi 2 cast info on drama wiki. =D

Amusingly enough, a while back, a jdrama I’d wanted to check out was Otomen, which also featured an ikemen. =D I adore the manga, but have not dared to cross the jdrama border for it. I probably will put it off on hold till the next time I remember it. The two dramas mentioned will probably fill my ikemen needs for a long time to come. Haha.


After thinking about it, I think I’ll watch the kdrama of You’re Beautiful before I attempt the jdrama. In case the jdrama is fangirl stuff and is uber lame. I’d hate for it to spoil the kdrama for me cos the series actually appeals to me quite a bit. ^_^; And the guys in the kdrama are kinda better looking than the guys in the jdrama. ^_^;;

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  1. Ummi Q

    I thought you’ve watched You’re beautiful?…O_o..n..ow..Ouran High’s drama’s out too..

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