Pumpkin bread

I ate pumpkin bread (which was like a soft roll with sweet pumpkin that was almost a custard here and there in the bread) at one of the local bakeries and I fell in love with it.! =D The dough recipe was from Agnes Chang’s bread book. It was for rolled buns with some fruit or nuts rolled up. I omited those and made my own pumpkin paste. =D The dough was handled by the bread machine so it turned out great!

In truth, this bread was a failure! Haha. Why? We rolled out the dough too thick and the pumpkin paste was too wet. While the outside of the bread baked nicely (and it was soft!), the inside was uncooked. ^_^; And considering how brown the top of the bread had been, we just stopped baking. =(

I guess I should have wrapped the tin in foil and then baked the bread longer or something. But all in all, we were pretty happy that the bread machine enabled us to make bread with little to no effort. =D And the baked bread with pumpkin was yummy. *o*

Agnes Chang’s bread recipes usually end up being a success for us. I don’t even remember what book it was from cos we never got a copy. We borrowed a copy off my uncle and just made a photocopy of the bread recipes. ^_^; But her sweet dough recipes are usually nice and soft straight out of the oven. Though they harden after some time. =D

It almost feels like “cheating”, using the bread machine to do the dough for us. I mean, there’s no longer a need for us to knead manually and “perfect” our kneading skills, so to speak. But it’s soooo easy to use. *laughs* Though you do need to know how whether your dough is too sticky, too wet, etc. For that, you’d at least need to have some basic bread-making experience. So in a way, using the machine isn’t exactly “cheating”, right? *grin*

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