Shawn’s bday

We celebrated Shawn’s bday yesterday/today, after midnight. It was sooo weird. The guys wanted to tie him up and thrown him into the Lakeside manmade lake. Initially, I’d thought they wanted to throw him into the real lake where a large crocodile warning resides. ^_^; Luckily it was just the manmade one near the hostel apartments. They’d planned to tie him up, throw eggs at him and cover him with flour, and then throw him into the water. But for some reason, they didn’t plan things properly? And it seems that Ben and Kuna told Shawn what the plan was? And the birthday boy was okay with being egged. O_o

I was like…er…so there isn’t a surprise anymore. And we just get to throw eggs at him? O_o *laughs* He didn’t know about the lake though, so when I let slipped (didn’t know it was a secret) he was like, noooo. And in the end, we were kinda worried about how deep the manmade lake was so we took a stick and measured. ^_^; It was waist-high and ergh. During the day, the water looks disgusting enough. At night, the darkness just made the water even creepier. Ben had second thoughts about the lake as well, so we decided to just pelt Shawn with eggs. I still find it weird. *laughs* Shawn turned his back to us, hugged a tree, and the guys just went nuts with the eggs. Though I think we only threw like ten at him. I held onto my three eggs cos I just couldn’t bear to throw them at him. It kinda seemed like it’d hurt? ^_^; Not to mention, it didn’t seem like a neat thing to do: egging a boy on his birthday, even though he wants it. *laughs*

Shawn didn’t wait for everyone to finish egging him. He just turned around and started chasing us, intending to give us eggy hugs. *laughs* Shit, that boy can _run_! Lukily Kiki and I were spared cos we were giiiirls, though we did run a bit, just in case. *laughs* The three boys went off to go clubbing after that, but I opted to go home and sleep. I didn’t think I wanted to be in the midst of three boys intent on getting close to drunk and have to drive them all home. ^_^;

One of the strangest birthday celebrations to be sure. ^_^;

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