The Bread Machine!

OMG. I’m sooo in love with this gadget that is the bread machine! Actually, I love it for the dough making, though the thought of having fresh baked white bread every morning automatically sounds neat. =D I still can’t believe that such a tiny little paddle on the bottom can knead so perfectly. *_*

For those who don’t own one, here’s some pics.This is the container where the bread is made. Check out the paddle on the bottom:

It’s only this small:

Here’s the container sitting in the machine with all the ingredients:

It’s an Australian brand so all the recipes in the booklet that came with the machine uses australian measurements. -_- Not something I wanted to deal with conversion-wise so I haven’t tried any of the recipes.

Here’s the dough after the first proofing:

This was a 500g flour recipe. Which is a pretty small batch of bread: just about one loaf, if you’re making a loaf. =(

Other than volume, it’s great. Hahaha. =D That’s cos I’m lazy and a bread machine seems more feasible than trying to buy a stand mixer that can knead dough well. (Actually, I have no idea how well the machine kneads the dough. Whether it overkneads or not. Haha. I never thought to check the dough after the machine was done kneading. ^_^;)

This machine belongs to a cousin (who’d never used it once). My mum was asking my cousin if she wanted to sell the machine, but said cousin told her to just keep it our place and use it for as long as we want. Wheee~! =D

Now that I have this, I can try the yukone bread method that supposedly makes the softest bread without the addition of bread enhancers/improvers, etc! =D

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