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I know we can add lyrics to the ID3 tag of mp3s, but I wanted to find out how to view the lyrics from the tags when playing the song in winamp. Apparently, there are plugins around, but a few of those require an internet connection as they automatically load lyrics, or you can add them yourself to the database. Some will read lyrics from certain files in your harddrive, and you can even do karaoke time effects to the lyrics. *_* But nothing that purely reads the lyrics from the id tag. =( Though the karaoke thing is interesting. Imagine listening to a drama cd with the script running alongside. =D

And because I’m just curious: to those of you who use winamp, how does your winamp look? Here’s mine:

Click on it to view it in full. The equalizer is there because of the skin. =D I don’t even use it at all. My winamp doesn’t usually have the lyric display. That was the result of the Lyrics Plugin, which I soon deleted after I realised it was grabbing the lyrics online. But otherwise, it was awesome. =(

The only problem with using classic skins is that notifications don’t pop up when a new song comes on. So I installed the Toaster plugin, which works perfectly, but it sadly doesn’t display Japanese fonts. I guess you can’t have them all. ^_^;;

That skin was my winamp back home. Currently, I’m using a Calvin and Hobbes skin on my lappy. The screen’s smaller so my album art is on the side.

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