mid-sem exams!

Whoo. I survived three mid-sem exams in one week! =D And ergh. >_< I haaate mcq. ToT I haaate mcq. ToT I used to love them. But not now when all the damn answers seem similar. And you know how they keep telling you that it’s not the memorising, it’s the understanding? Well, my lame-ass understanding has been looking at the points and thinking, hm…this answer looks good, and that looks good too. What if I’m wrong in choosing both just cos of a word difference? Why not let’s choose both! OMFG. >_<

Econs 100 had an mcq where I was only confident of 50% of the answers. Accounting Finance 250 was sooo easy I think I was tricked–and it turns out that I might not have finished doing my T-accounts cos I assumed they didn’t need to be balanced. *_* But it was all basic accounting 100 stuff, and nothing to do with the adjusting journal entries, etc that we’d been cramming our heads for. T_T Accounting Managerial 201 had an mcq part, and again that was like only 50% is confirmed correct. But then, the second part of the paper, I should get all 20/20 marks cos they just reused questions from one of our revision sessions. O_o They didn’t even bother changing the question or even the amounts provided. Again, this paper was soo easy that we wondered if we were being tricked. ^_^;;

So I’ve sat for 3/4 mid-term exams now. Results should be out next week. *crosses fingers* In truth, I feel a lot better after these three exams. I had a Finance Principles 215 quiz and I utterly BOMBED it. >_< Fin 215 doesn’t have any mid-sem exams. The final exam is worth 50% of our grade, and the other 50% is divided into three and we get three “surprise” quizzes throughout the semester. Each quiz is worth 16.67% of our grade, but the bloody thing is, the first quiz only had SIX questions!! And it was MCQ!! OMGGG. We didn’t get any extra marks for workings, so if you’re wrong, you’re wrong. OMG. I only managed to get 1/6 right. OMFG. I messed up on three of the questions which were theory, and, even now, I feel like a fool. Not to mention, it means I’ve only managed to score like 2.78/16.67 for my first test. >_< I’ve already lost 14 marks out of my final grade. O_o My HD score (80% above) for this unit is looking very very very bleak. >_<

I find Fin 215 hard. -_- I don’t get it. The damn lecture slides are useless and the textbook is easy to read, but the concepts don’t go in as easily. -_- Though Alpha, our lecturer is actually very nice. I’m guessing our next quiz will be next week. ToT I’m going to have to reread everything again till I get my concepts downpat. We keep building on what we’ve learned in the first four lectures, so things actually look quite bleak if I still don’t get them. Haha. T__T

Hm…I wanted to find a pic to lighten up this post, but I don’t have any? =D Ah well.

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  1. good luck on the last mid term & hopefully u got at least over 70 for all three of the ones u did! LOL

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