Okonomiyaki ala Brunei!

I was starting at Obi-chan’s korean pancake and I thought that maybe I could try something like that as well. I thought it would be a great way for me to eat vegetables that way. ^_^; And of course the first thing that came to mind when I think of batter and pancakes would be cucur (fritters in Malay, tempura or okonomiyaki~! =D And okonomiyaki uses the one vegetable I unreasonably have a dislike of (despite the taste being highly acceptable): cabbage!

Here be my okonomiyaki ala Brunei:

I didn’t have any okonomiyaki sauce or bonito flakes with me so I couldn’t top it the way I want. And there was no way I’d be able to eat this plain, so I topped my okonomiyaki with Maggi chili sauce and mayo. Luckily for me, they sell mayo in sachets, so I was able to buy it. ^_^; Otherwise, purchasing a bottle of mayo which I’ll never use wouldn’t make much sense.

In my country, every burger, hotdog, kebab (meat&veggies in pita bread) sold at food stalls _must_ have the scared combo: mayo and (sweet) chili sauce! (Unless you’re a tomato sauce fan.) It doesn’t matter where you buy your burgers, hotdogs, etc: the taste will usually satisfy (and be similar!) because of the sacred combo! In fact, one would think that everything else exists to accentuate the taste of the sacred combo! *laughs*

I used half of the recipe provided on okonomiyakiworld. I used all-purpose flour and a tablespoon of potato starch instead of okonomiyaki flour. Used a bit of chicken stock instead of dashi for flavouring the batter. I used panko instead of tenkasu. And I didn’t add any of the optional items; I added sliced crabstick instead. =D

Here’s my ingredients before being mixed:

There isn’t a lot of batter, really. =D I just slapped the mixture onto my small frying pan and made two smallish okonomiyaki.

I have no idea how hot 200C is, so I just used a medium fire to cook my okonomiyaki. But it kinda burnt fast? So I set it to low heat and cooking time easily was double or more than the recipe had stated. -_-

Taste-wise, the okonomiyaki was all right. Though I couldn’t get an even browning, it ended up okay. The cabbage was cooked–though in truth, I didn’t really look at the batter properly to see if it did cook enough. And obviously, even if the okonomiyaki was tasteless, the mayo and chili sauce made up for it. =D

Will definitely cook this again–it’s chokeful of veggies and is pan-fried. Definitely meets my vegetable requirements. I’m gonna bring bonito flakes and okonomiyaki sauce down to Miri when I go home next time! Muahaha~! (This was done way before I went home. I brought along my okonomiyaki sauce, but forgot the bonito flakes. T_T)

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