Tuna buns!

My rather uninspiring lunch. I woke up late because I’d planned to eat the rolls I’d bought with some tuna mix, which required not preparations. Ergh. Bread here seriously sucks. -_- Or rather, this certain bakery (Southern Bakery) sucks. =( Their usual bread loaf is sweet and gummy to eat. And now their dinner rolls are gummy. They look perfect: texture is good. But once you take a bite and chew, they immediately become gummy and is generally yuck. T_T I love my bread. Bring me to a buffet, and I can usually eat 2-3 dinner rolls alone without any complains. Heck, if the food is bad, and the rolls are good, I’m more than happy to just have the rolls. But these… T_T I just couldn’t like them. ToT (It’s hari raya aidilfitri time, so bread is slow to be stocked! The brand I like wasn’t stock so I had no choice but to buy these.)

And the tuna. It’s as bad as it looks. I didn’t like it either, though it’s got the usual taste of this brand. This was the Tuna Mayonnaise one. It tastes similar to the Tuna Deli/Salmon Deli flavour. It’s not bad actually, if you have something fresh to “lighten” up the taste. Otherwise, it’s just…gross-looking tuna with a dense (almost-gross) taste. Haha. T_T I’ve got most of the can left. I’m guessing I’ll make some tuna pasta or something tonight. ToT

I dislike tuna in a can. I seriously dislike it. ToT Why am I eating it? Cos I had got a can left–and it’s one of the easiest no hassle meals ever. *sobs*

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