Cold pasta with tuna meatballs

Here’s what I did with my leftover Tuna Mayonnaise. =D I made it into meatballs! Haha! Not enough colour in the dish, but I was too lazy after making the meatballs to make an effort with a tomato-based sauce so I decided on cold pasta topped with the meatballs. Cold pasta seasoning was some sesame […]

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mid-term results, etc

Okay, mid-sem exam results and total internal marks as follows: + A/C Managerial 201: 20.5/25 + 23.25/25 = 43.75/50 (only final exam left) + A/C Financial 250: 22.75/25 (presentation and final exam left) + Economics 100: 12/20 (participation marks, assignment marks and final exam left) + Finance 215 (all 3 quizzes) = 16.12/50 (only final […]

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