Cold pasta with tuna meatballs

Here’s what I did with my leftover Tuna Mayonnaise. =D I made it into meatballs! Haha!

Not enough colour in the dish, but I was too lazy after making the meatballs to make an effort with a tomato-based sauce so I decided on cold pasta topped with the meatballs. Cold pasta seasoning was some sesame oil, balsamic vinegar and mirin. Ended up being too sour, and I should have seasoned it some more with salt, I guess. =D But it was an all-right meal. I still have some leftover meatballs which I’ve frozen, so next time, I might try a proper tomato-based sauce for my pasta. =D Or just bring them along in a bento for lunch~! =D Oh. What went into my meatballs? That tuna-mayo mess from a can, minced mushrooms, minced onions, an egg, breadcrumbs (made from those yucky dinner rolls) and some corn flour as a binding agent. Before browning in a pan:

Initially, I was worried the tuna balls wouldn’t hold, and in truth, I’m not sure if they’re seriously cooked through, but they held up as lil balls when fried, and I ate them anyways. =D

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