mid-term results, etc

Okay, mid-sem exam results and total internal marks as follows:

+ A/C Managerial 201: 20.5/25 + 23.25/25 = 43.75/50 (only final exam left)

+ A/C Financial 250: 22.75/25 (presentation and final exam left)

+ Economics 100: 12/20 (participation marks, assignment marks and final exam left)

+ Finance 215 (all 3 quizzes) = 16.12/50 (only final exam left T__T This mark will be moderated, but I doubt it’ll go up to 20/50.)

+ Law 222: 36.2/50 (only final exam left)

Seriously, I’m in so much trouble over my damn finance 215. Currently I need to get at least 68% of my final exam to pass the unit. Usually 68% would be nothing to worry about, but I am worried. T__T I sooo cannot fail this unit. Cos I won’t be able to afford it, and my head of department definitely will not allow me to take it as a fifth unit next sem. >_< I’m just so glad that I’m reasonable well in my other units, so I don’t feel like a complete incompetent fool for failing the damn Finance quizzes again and again. -_- I’m majoring in Accounting and Finance and I’m having difficulties with a finance unit. Haha. I’m in deep deep trouble. >_<

About the Finance quizzes. Omg. The third quiz was my final hope. I was hoping to score full marks for it, but our lecturer had told me very confidently that there wouldn’t be a quiz last week. So I concentrated on my other assignments, only to find out there _was_ a quiz. I could do only one question, and copied the correct answer for another question off a friend. If whoever had sat next to me had indicated they knew all the correct answers (it was only 5 mcq questions worth almost three marks each), I would have copied them all shamelessly. But because we’d all not studied since we were misled(!!), everyone else probably did as badly. -_- I mean, yeah, he told me there would be no quiz, and he’d said that he’d be squeezing two lectures into one so everyone took his word for it. -_- It’s so unfair. T__T It’s the worst internal mark I’ve ever received for _any_ unit so far. *_* If they really do not moderate the marks, I’m stuck with my 16/50. OMFG. T__T A friend was saying that I should hope they moderate these marks, and later, moderate the final exam marks as well. T_T


But yeah, other than that, I’m doing pretty okay. =D I actually got pulled into running for Student Council next year. *_* Elections began last week, but we’ve been held up for one whole week because of admin, processing our members’ statuses, etc. -_- So we’ve not even managed to start our campaign yet and voting begins on Wednesday. O_o So we’ll only have 2 days to increase awareness before voting begins. Apparently, there is another party, but they’ve only just started getting members, and if admin takes as long to process their members’ statuses, we’d only end up with one legit party. Which is US! So we win by default! Muahahaha~! (Or so I could hope. Haha.)

I’ll be the first to admit that when it comes to “passion”, or being on the forefront of things, I’m not so keen. T_T I’d rather do the backend/support jobs. So I’m actually dreading the active campaigning we’ll have to do starting Monday. T_T And it’s a popularity contest, really. Cos even if my party wins, if the other party’s member for a certain position has more votes than our party, that person takes over the place. I’m currently running for the post of Treasurer, it seems. Kiki who’d pulled me in told me that apparently, someone else had been suggested for the post, but she thought I would be better. She told me that so that I would stop being so laissez faire about the whole thing, but gah, I just hate putting myself in the limelight (aka, do the active campaigning). Otherwise, I don’t mind the job at all. T__T

We’ll see what happens. Other than this, I’m hoping to get a position as a regular committe member of the new Finance Club that was started this semester! =D I’m actually not so keen on clubs cos most are dominated by Chinese students, where they’ll be speaking mostly in Chinese. The Finance club, on the other hand, is made up of students I know, and who I know will communicate in English. Haha. =D And of course, the student council is made up of a good mix of international and chinese students. =D

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