[books 2012] 001-004: Young Sherlock Holmes by Andrew Lane

So here’s an attempt to keep track of books I’ve read this year. I’ve actually been trying to keep track of my reading since a couple of years ago, but I usually forget throughout the months, or I suddenly binge-read romance novels by the dozens and lose track. *laughs*

This year, I am pretty sure I had begun the week devouring Harlequin (Mills & Boons) romances, but as I can’t remember their titles, I’ll begin my count with a series I’d finished last week. I read Young Sherlock Holmes 01-04 by Andrew Lane. It was a lot more fun than I’d expected. I adore the Sherlock Holmes novels, so I was curious enough about this young version of Holmes, before he’d become the man we know. It wasn’t so bad an experience. I’m eagerly waiting the next book, and I’m curious enough to find out if Holmes will be suffering a tragedy at the end of the series (whenever that might be), as I just feel it in my gut that he will.

The books are Young Adult, and they are actually more violent and darker than I’d expect. There are deaths in every book, most of which Holmes had a direct hand in causing. It’s actually slightly disturbing how he’s able to maintain a distance from them–as noted by other characters in the books as well. But fascinating as well, as that’s how he is.

I like young Sherlock. He’s not completely the Holmes we know, but he’s getting there. =D

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