First post of the year!

Happy new year to everyone! =D

After being jobless since the hols, I managed to get hired! Well, in this case, having a cousin who’d said from the beginning that she wanted to hire me helped. ^_^; It took a while for them to hire me, despite my cousin and her boss telling the HR Dept that they wanted me, cos of their internal issues, I think. (Budgeting prolly plays a big role, I’m guessing.) I’m doing admin part-time at a local bank in their retail lending centre and pretty much being at the beck and call of whoever needs me. I call up customers, do filling, help do follow up on documentation, etc. It’s interesting, as it’s in a section of the banking business which I’ve not had much exposure to. =D

Work is pretty easy-going, and the other colleagues are great, cos we get along well. ^_^ Well, actually, considering that I knew 3 of them even before I’d worked there, and two of the elder staff were my mum’s ex-colleagues from her banking days, you don’t exactly feel that you’re strangers when you are in the midst of it all. ^_^; Though I wonder if it’s because I’ve worked for so many years now that it’s easier to fit in and not feel intimidated by the new workplace and new faces. Hard to say, since there are familiar people around me. To make integration easier, I pretty much jump into conversations wherever I can. ^_^;

I’ve been working for five weeks now. And my contract lasts till 19th February. =D The money is going to be awesome! Depending on how I budget, I might be able to use it for a couple of Malaysian trips during the semester hols, while covering my whole food expenses for the next semester. *crosses fingers* The money also meant that I could buy the nendoroids that I want! *happy smile* I know I shouldn’t, but it was like I _had_ to. One of them was one I’d been waiting for _ages_ and it was finally rereleased! =D

Since it’s the new year’s, I wonder if I should talk about resolutions. I told myself I shouldn’t bother with them, as I didn’t even get my current summer break’s goals accomplished; I’d meant to do some exercise, but I’d managed to hold it off till now. What I would like to do next semester, is eat better by watching my portions. I managed to gain size, if not weight during the past year, and I’d like to change that. And I know that I’ll be very busy with the Student Council stuff so I _need_ to be able to organize my time so that I have time for studies, my duties, and my own personal space. I don’t know about everyone else, but usually I like to have a day or two for myself, doing my own things, alone. And obviously, because I’ll be tight on cash till I graduate, I need to budget better.

I guess that’s it. =D

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