It’s February! =D

So I’ve been at the bank for 2 months now? Only a week or so left. And, man, I think I’m going to miss being there. For one thing, the colleages are fun, and the work load’s pretty good since I’m admin staff and only temp. I’m not given the important jobs of filling in contracts or stuff like that, so I guess that’s why life is good. No blame gets put on me should I make any mistakes. ^_^;

And, in a way, working at the loan centre has given me the impression that being part of sales, as long as the sales targets aren’t too ridiculous for the market, and as long as the upper management isn’t too strict on target achievement, isn’t so bad after all. ^_^; Would I work there after I graduate? If I can’t find anything else, and if I get an offer, I think I definitely would. Not to mention the boss is awesome, so it isn’t any sacrifice to work under her. ^o^
Chinese New Year is pretty much over and stuff. I’ve been addiced to Tiny Tower on my iPod. I usually carry it wherever I go in my bag, but nowadays, I carry the damn thing in my hand wherever I go. I’d forego the phone, but not the iPod. Haha. *falls over* I’m at 47 floors and counting. My current goal is to get all the shops available. And then to outfit all of them with their dream job employees. Hahaha. T_T This might take some time, should the addiction last. I think I started playing it a couple of weeks ago.

Speaking of the iPod, I’m pissed that I broke my Stanza after upgrading it. And I was stupid enough to download the newer version of the installation file in iTunes. I have lost the old installation and it seems I’ll never be able to get Stanza back on my 2nd gen iPod. T_T I downloaded this blue reader
app, but the library loading in the beginning is tiresome. -_-
When I realised I broke Stanza, I actually looked up iPod prices on the net to see how much the latest iPod cost. T__T I am very happy reading with my iPod, so being unable to use it as my ebook reader broke my heart. -_- Ergh. Seriously, I think that I’ll probably buy a new iPod for a graduation present or something. -_- Maybe. ^_^;

Anyways, I’ll probably talk about the books I’ve been reading next. =D

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