Peeping Tom at Villa! OMFG

OMG. I AM SOOOO MAD!! We just had a peeping tom in Villa! My housemate caught someone’s camera peeping in on her when she was showering!! She saw the camera reflected in our bathroom mirror that was hanging on the door. ToT The guards could barely give a damn when I made a complaint!! They […]

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Banking in AmBank M’sia

Oh, and I made my first banking transaction at one of the local (I think) banks a couple of weeks ago. I went to cash a couple of cheques to pay for SC stuff. For one of the cheques, I wanted a certain denomination of notes for petty cash. I was pretty early at the […]

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End of week 3!

Wheee~! Three weeks into the semester and we’re still trying to get organised in the SC. Even though there was supposed to be a proper handover, and a manual of procedures for us to refer to, we only had very brief meetings with each respective previous Councillor, so everything we’re doing, we’re learning on the […]

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Mochi balls~!

Aights. So I decided I had a craving for ondeh-ondeh, a traditional Malay kueh (dessert/cake/etc). Though it was more of my mum’s small green-coloured balls of cooked dough rolled in sweet grated coconut that I wanted. Anyways, the ondeh-ondeh is kinda like dango (a round cooked dough/dumpling not dissimilar to mochi), and it’s got lil […]

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[books 2012] 005-006: A Series of Unfortunate Events #01 & #02 by Lemony Snicket

This series had always interested me from the first time I saw the hardcovers in Popular (bookstore). But they were pricey (and I still think they are). I watched the movie before I’d read the book. Don’t recall much, but I thought the movie had been all right. But I’ve finally got my hands on […]

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event schmevent =(

Kind of annoyed right now. Grrr. So we’re planning the second orientation event for foundation students. Because we dont have the number of students until the last minute, like today, when the event is next week, it’s hard to plan and budget ahead. But we’ve already decided on a budget. So we’re trying to be […]

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Weekend fun~!

I was home last weekend cos I _needed_ to watch Beauty and the Beast in 3D. And omg. It was sooo worth the trip home!! I loved every second of it, and the story is still as beautiful as when I’d first watched it. And I still _love_ Gaston’s singing voice and still prefer it […]

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