Banking in AmBank M’sia

Oh, and I made my first banking transaction at one of the local (I think) banks a couple of weeks ago. I went to cash a couple of cheques to pay for SC stuff. For one of the cheques, I wanted a certain denomination of notes for petty cash. I was pretty early at the bank, so I didn’t even have to queue long. The girl serving me was like, I’m afraid I don’t have what you want. And I was like, wha? And this is where my bad habit of sounding like an uber bitch kicked in. I was like, are you serious? <– disbelief translated into sarcasm. Hahaha. If I were on her side, I’d be totally defensive after hearing my tone. It’s not on purpose, but I just tend to sound like that when I’m in disbelief or when I cannot take what you’d just said into account cos it sounded stupid or something.

So the teller said that cos it was still early in the day, she doesn’t have the thirty pieces of $10, the 16 pieces of $5 and 20 pieces of $1 that I’d wanted. (Hey, if you were me, wouldn’t you be surpised as well? It’s like going to a supermarket to shop and when you’re paying, the cashier says she doesn’t have twenty cents change, and she sounds like she isn’t able to find the change at all.)

I was a teller before (at two different banks), and I know that every morning, we have to make sure we have enough of all denominations for any customer who might need them. Either the bank I was doing the transaction at doesn’t pay out a great deal to customers, or they have a different bank practice from the two I was working at back home. But seriously. To have a teller at a bank tell me she might not have the number of notes I need. It boggles the mind. Especially when she makes it sound like all four tellers sitting at their seats will not have the denominations as well. O_o So I was like, well, just give me whatever you have. And in the end, she went to ask her colleagues for the notes, and one of them did have it. *rolls eyes* Don’t say you can’t provide something to a customer before you find out whether you can or cannot do it. Gosh.

And what was worse, I find it weird that she’d get up and leave the counter without telling me anything. She first did it when she passed my cheque to her supervisor for approval. She just upped and went to the back through a door. What? Needed to wash your hands or get a drink or something? But she didn’t say a word to me. And later, when she handed me my cash, and I was counting it, she left her seat again. O_o I was like, wtf, if I had a note missing, how was she to prove that she had counted the exact amount and I didn’t do something with it or something. Cos jeez. I was counting out like almost $9,000, not $90 worth of notes. O_o

Seriously, dodgy work ethics — at least to me. I never leave when a customer is verifying cash. And I try to be attentive even then. And I never ever tell a customer I can’t do something for them straight away — unless I really can’t. *shakes head* I can’t even remember if she’d greeted me with a good morning, when I’d first approached her counter. Maybe her usual customers can take the subpar service, but I’ve worked in her shoes before, and I treat customers a whole lot better, so I expect a whole lot better. =(

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