[books 2012] 005-006: A Series of Unfortunate Events #01 & #02 by Lemony Snicket

Book 1

This series had always interested me from the first time I saw the hardcovers in Popular (bookstore). But they were pricey (and I still think they are). I watched the movie before I’d read the book. Don’t recall much, but I thought the movie had been all right. But I’ve finally got my hands on them and have read a couple of books so far.

Not too bad, though the writing isn’t as…engrossing or quick to read as other children books I’ve read. For one thing, one could almost get bored with how the author, or rather, Lemony Snicket, keeps explaining “big” words and certain phrases. If it was in a tongue in cheek tone, I might not have noticed as much or minded, but, as it was, it seemed dry. -_- Other that that, I find myself reading nonstop cos the misfortunes of the Baudelaire children are as intriguing as the misfortunes of those reported in the gossip mags and newspapers. It’s almost a morbid fascination/curiousity to see just how else the children will suffer and how they get out of the “unfortunate events” that befall them.

I’ll probably read the rest of the books eventually, but, for now, I will take a break and go on with slightly more light hearted.


Oh another note, the website for the series is absolutely awesome. =D I love it!

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