event schmevent =(

Kind of annoyed right now. Grrr. So we’re planning the second orientation event for foundation students. Because we dont have the number of students until the last minute, like today, when the event is next week, it’s hard to plan and budget ahead. But we’ve already decided on a budget. So we’re trying to be able to invite as many students as possible, but we have NO idea how much the new venue we’re going to use costs, and how much dinner would cost. The people in charge of getting the price quotes have taken one week, and I still don’t see any numbers. And we can’t ask for bus quotations either as we’re not sure if we will be using that new venue.

So the president messages me this morning and says, oh, we’re going to have 300 new students. We’d originally tried to accommodate 120 students (if budget allows). Should we increase the number to 150, he happily asks. And I just want to scream at him. DON’T ASK ME SOMETHING STUPID LIKE THAT WHEN YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW IF WE CAN AFFORD IT!!! And he knows that we don’t know the price of _anything_. I’m like, wtf. Of course I’d LOVE to accommodate MORE students. But at least get people to come up with price quotations so that we can do the MATHS and THEN decide if we can invite even more people. WTF.

I’m like, ergh. Even the planned 120 people was only a rough estimate, cos if dinner was going to be costly, there was no way we can accommodate even that much.


Edit: Oh, fresh. I got a new message: “Dinner is sorted out, now we just need to worry about the bus.” And I’m like, what do you mean dinner is sorted out?! How much does that cost? Does that mean you’ve confirmed the number of people, or you’ve just chosen who the caterer should be? *face palms* The last time, the dinner menu was crap and I had to nego with the ppl for menu changes, etc. -_-


This is the exact same scenario that I had to deal with when we had organised the _last_ event. The guys put in charge are sorely inexperienced, and the President appointed a leader who is enthusiastic, but needs a lot of help. And the president had happily washed his hands off everything and only last minute panicked when he realised that things weren’t being done. *roll eyes* I didn’t want to get involved cos I was LAZY. And I had to help because the idiots didn’t even plan a NUMBER of people they wanted to invite. I mean, whatever you’re planning, the first important thing is to put down how many people were going to get invited. I kept asking them to come up with a number, but no one responds. -_- It was so frustrating. And finally, later, from an estimated 70, they wanted to invite 90 students and they realised, oh, the budget was too low.

I was like, omg. Of course the budget would be low. Since nobody could give me price quotations, and the number of people that might be involved, I followed the last year’s budget for the event. By the time they decided that we needed to up our budget, it was just too late to get it changed as it was approved. Now I bet the other top 5 wished they had paid more attention to the money bits. Hmph. But seriously. No one seems to even realise the importance about that thing called “budget”. O_o

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