Mochi balls~!

Aights. So I decided I had a craving for ondeh-ondeh, a traditional Malay kueh (dessert/cake/etc). Though it was more of my mum’s small green-coloured balls of cooked dough rolled in sweet grated coconut that I wanted. Anyways, the ondeh-ondeh is kinda like dango (a round cooked dough/dumpling not dissimilar to mochi), and it’s got lil lumps of gula melaka (brown palm sugar) in it and is coated with grated coconut. =D I didn’t know where to find fresh grated coconut, so rather than what I really wanted to eat, I decided to make ondeh-ondeh but with a different filling. An interesting fact: tang yuan is the chinese equivalent of ondeh-ondeh, though it’s usually filled with red bean paste, and cooked in sweet or salty soup. =D But yes, I digress.

I could have just made mochi the way I had the last time, but I wanted something a little denser and chewier (more Q!). =D So I decided to make mochi with a different method: not cooking the flour mixture at the beginning, only at the end. This is also how ondeh-ondeh and tang yuan is made. =)

So anyways, method decided, I had to pick a filling. I did buy redbean paste when I was back home, but didn’t really feel like having it as a filling (in truth, I don’t like redbean paste). Sooo…I chose peanut butter as a filling! Ha! And not just any ordinary peanut butter! It had chocolate stripes running through it! *laughs*

First thing first, I had to prep lil balls of peanut butter as the filling. Put them into the freezer so that they would maintain the shape. I made them before I went to bed, on my bed itself. *grin*

In the afternoon I just mixed up some glutinous rice flour (maybe a cup?) and added maybe 1tbsp of potato starch. And kneaded it with some water till I had a dough that was no longer sticky to touch:

It’s kinda like modelling clay? That kind of texture and feel. I was going to flavour the flour with a bit of salt, but thought the the peanut butter might be salty enough. Otherwise, if I’d made red bean ones, I’d have added salt to offset the usually too sweet red bean. =)

So I just made lil balls of dough, flatten them out and place balls of peanut in the middle and wrapped them up:

In truth, my flour didn’t hold up too well. And the peanut butter softened really fast once it was out of the freezer. -_- It caused my dough to get thinner and have holes when it was already covered up nicely. I ended up with lumpy balls that were too thick in some areas, too thin in others. And a hole or two kept appearing and peanut butter was oozing out. T_T Maybe my dough wasn’t the right consistency or something.

To cook, I decided to boil them in plain water. Despite the holes, and oozing peanut butter, the balls held their shape quite well. Though next time, I’ll definitely steam them. The mochi ended up wet so when I was coating it with flour/milo, it got on too thick. =( But here’s the result: a couple of peanut balls coated with flour, a couple with milo and one bald one:

Here’s the milo one cut in half:

It was messssy eating, but tasted pretty good. =D The peanut butter was all-powering. Depending on whether you’re a fan or not, it might be good or not so.

Here’s the plain flour one:

Verdict: the mochi was nice and chewy~! Exactly what I’d been looking for, though I didn’t make it thick enough. Was it worth the time? Considering how easy it was to make, yes, definitely. =D

I don’t think I’ll use peanut butter again cos it melts too fast. =( My filling also needs to be a lot smaller cos it’s hard to stretch the dough. Unlike Japanese mochi, which can be stretched very thin since it’s already cooked, the uncooked dough is not as flexible. I _might_ try the peanut butter again with cooked mochi instead of the uncooked dough. We’ll see. =D
If anyone wants an exact recipe, please check out this tang yuan one here, or check out the ondeh-ondeh one. The ondeh-ondeh method describe was rather interesting. Usually, I think people would just make it like the tang yuan, without a starter. =D The pandan juice is optional too.

Next time, I want to try Japanese dango since it’s not so sticky, but is still chewy.

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