Peeping Tom at Villa! OMFG

OMG. I AM SOOOO MAD!! We just had a peeping tom in Villa! My housemate caught someone’s camera peeping in on her when she was showering!! She saw the camera reflected in our bathroom mirror that was hanging on the door. ToT

The guards could barely give a damn when I made a complaint!! They didn’t even bother to SIT UP STRAIGHT. You’d think I was complaining about the weather!! They just sat there looking up at me and were like, what are we supposed to do? And I’m like, how do I know?!

Seriously, HOW THE HELL SHOULD I KNOW!? YOU WORK HERE! YOU SHOULD KNOW!!! They told me I should complain to housing. O_o NOT EVEN BOTHERING TO WRITE DOWN A F-ING REPORT!! And I was like, well, for now, could you just patrol more often. And they were like, okay.

SHIT. This complaceny! Worse thing is, one of them said that he’d just finished patrolling! And this happened probably around the same time. OMFG!! I AM SOOOO COMPLAINING TO CHRISTINA TOMORROW MORNING! ARGH!!! We need the f-ing guards replaced, or they need to be taught how to handle these situations and give us reassurance! My housemate’s a foundation kid, and she’s f-king scared. Heck, I’M SCARED. I use the same f-ing bathroom! ToT OMGGGG.

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