Weekend fun~!

I was home last weekend cos I _needed_ to watch Beauty and the Beast in 3D. And omg. It was sooo worth the trip home!! I loved every second of it, and the story is still as beautiful as when I’d first watched it. And I still _love_ Gaston’s singing voice and still prefer it over the Beast’s. >=D He just sounds so much sexier. Heh heh. I hope they release my other Disney favourites in 3D. For someone who grew up watching Disney cartoons (on repeat) and other musical movies (Mary Poppins, Sound of Music), being able to watch those childhood favourites on the big screen is amazing!

Another fun thing I got into doing was playing Dynasty Warriors online~! Yes, Dynasty Warriors from Koei!! =D A friend of mine told me about it a few months back, but I was working and didn’t really have the enerygy to go check it out. So since I didn’t make any plans with friends (I know, bad ol me), I checked out the game. And OMG. I got suckered into playing it. ToT Like all online MMORPG(?), you play a character, join quests, join guilds, etc, but you get to report to an officer under one of the DW factions. Unluckily for me, my friends like Liu Bei (Shu), while personally, I’d first chose the Wu faction and second the Wei. -_- Maybe it’s me, but it seems most Chinese people adore Zhuge Liang who’s in Shu. -_- I don’t know him from history, but from the game, I’d pass him over any second of any day.

Here’s a screencap of my character. =D A brash, passionate type fashioned slightly after Masamune Date (eyepatch!). XD Can’t get a closeup of his face, sadly. I’ll try again next time, but this is Seiryu after getting some spiffy new clothes. XD The game’s backgrounds are lovely.

Here’s a screencap of when my character had only default clothes. The small girl is the friend who’d told me to play the game. =D

Haven’t been able to play the game at all cos of my slow wifi connection here. -_- I went back to the cheaper monthly plan cos I didn’t think I’d be using the net much, but now maybe I’ll go back to the slightly more expensive plan. It’s only RM17 more expensive actually, for double the speed. XD Haha. Maybe this way I’ll be able to at least squeeze in a few hours during the weekend. >=D

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