[manga] 2nd part

Okay, here’s the rest of the manga I’d read: + Gin no Saji (5 vols) + Slam Dunk (31 vols) + Beelzebub (16 vols) + Midnight Children (2 vols) + Bara no Tameni (11+ vols) + Dragon Voice (5 vols) + Her Majesty’s Dog (11 vols) + Ichi (4 vols) + Nejimaki no Niwa (1 […]

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[manga] First part

So I’ve been on sem break since erm…two weeks ago, I think? I’ve done nothing much by read manga. Haha. Actually I was already free a week before but I couldn’t go back yet cos I had some SC stuff to do. And the manga reading had already started then. So here’s the first part […]

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[manhwa] I Am Currently Living With A Bear

Please go read this: http://www.evilflowers.com/oneshots/i-am-currently-living-with-a-bear It’s a Korean manhwa, so please read from right to left like you would an English book. It’s just a quick oneshot, but I love it, and simply have to tell everyone else I know to read it.

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