[manga] 2nd part

Okay, here’s the rest of the manga I’d read:

+ Gin no Saji (5 vols)
+ Slam Dunk (31 vols)
+ Beelzebub (16 vols)
+ Midnight Children (2 vols)
+ Bara no Tameni (11+ vols)
+ Dragon Voice (5 vols)
+ Her Majesty’s Dog (11 vols)
+ Ichi (4 vols)
+ Nejimaki no Niwa (1 vol)
+ [zion] (3 vols)
+ Kurogane (3 vols)

Short comments:

+ Gin no Saji – Just what is so interesting about a boy who goes to agricultural school? I don’t know. But I’m reading and I want to read more. Haha. It’s surprising but I actually like this manga quite a bit. ^_^;; It’s kinda like Yotsuba&!; it’s charming.

+ Slam Dunk – ah…it’s been years since I read this. When I was in high school, I’d pick up random volumes to read anytime I was bored. It’s my first time reading the series in English, since I’ve always read from the Malay volumes I own. Everytime I see Kiyota make an appearance, I grin like an idiot, and I’m genuinely happy. It just makes me realise how much I (still) adore him. Haha. And Youhei. Ah…Youhei. I wish there was someone I’d pair you up with. He’s the best, but I don’t often write anything with him.

+ Beelzebub – Was rereading this from the beginning. This is one of the “newer” series that I utterly enjoy. It’s “new” cos I just discovered it last year (or was it a couple of years back?), just a bit before the anime started. XD From chapter 1, I was enthralled; the series is just so damn funny (or maybe I should say stupid) at times. I loooove Oda and his utterly weird friends and the f-ing weird situations they get into. And Baby Beel is awesome~! XD If you’ve never checked this out, you should! (I’ve just started watching the anime; there are a lot more fillers than the manga, and erm…well…the fillers are like a waste of time. >_< Cos some of the stuff that happens in the manga is stupid enough, but the anime throws in even more stupid stuff. To others, maybe the extra eps are uber amusing, for me, the entertainment value is quite low. Oh, if you’re going to watch the anime, Baby Beel is annoying, especially in the first some chapters cos he cries so damn much. -_- But he’ll improve with time.)

+ Midnight Children – the summary made me curious enough to read it. I don’t generally like Shinjo Mayu’s work, but this was not too bad. Though I kinda still wonder if I’d not wasted the minutes I’d spent reading it instead of something else. Haha. But it was not a bad piece of work–at least better than I had expected. (Like I’d said I usually avoid Shinjo Mayu’s work, but I’ve been following Ayakashi Koi Emaki, which I enjoy every much. Well, a 3-inch chibi demon doing running exercises in a hamster wheel is hard to resist. XD)

+ Bara no Tameni – Another josei series. I like this one. I really like this one. But it’s not completely scanlated, and looks like it’ll be years till it’s ever finished. I had to finish it by glancing at the Korean raws. T_T But the ending is satisfying. I really enjoyed this one. Complex feelings, complex relationships without harbouring on the angst. It’s good.

+ Dragon Voice – I think this is shounen? Or shoujo? No idea. I waited a long time before reading this. I enjoyed it, and yet it was licensed, and only one volume ever released and the scanlations stopped at ch35 with 6 more volumes to go before the series ends. T_T I can’t seem to find the Japanese raws either. ToT It’s more enjoyable than expected, and the art is good. =D I hope someone picks this up to finish.

+ Her Majesty’s Dog – This was a reread. I totally fell in love with this one the first time I’d read it. The title’s damn catchy in English as well. I’d plan to get the whole series in English, but now, I think I should get it in Japanese instead. The licensed translations are very well done, but I’d probably learn more if I read the series in Japanese the way I do Tokyo Crazy Paradise. But yeah, if you like Japanese urban fantasy, that has traditional Japanese mythology, a likable blur heroine (I LOOOOVE Amane), a likable hero (I LOOOOOOVE Hyoue), some angst from unrequited/taboo love then this manga is so for you! Did I mention that I love Amane and Hyoue? I do. From the bottom of my heart. So you must love them too! *nods* Ah…they should so animate this series. ToT

+ Ichi – Finally started this one. GAH. It’s goood. I want more! It’s complete at 7 vols and the scanlations are going quite quickly. But now that I’ve read up to where I have, I want more NOW. *whines* Haha. I can’t find the raws either so it’s so unsatisfying not to know what happens next. There had better be a happy ending. -_-

+ Nejimaki no Niwa – A josei series that is still ongoing. I read it cos of the art and found myself slowly pulled in. It’s remniscent of Shinkuu Yuusetsu by Bikke, in that the art style is similar and it’s a story about boys who live in a boarding house. (If you’ve not read the Bikke one, which is complete, you should. It’s interesting.) After reading this, I went and read some of Kayase Shiki’s oneshots; they’re quite solid. I’m definitely taking note of her name from now on.

+ [zion] – Argh! ARGH~! I want a proper ending!! *sobs* It’s confirmed; I’m now a Kayase Shiki fan. ToT This one was three volumes with such an open-ended ending. T_T But it was intriguing all the way. I need more. -_-

+ Kurogane – KEZAWA Haruto
It’s kendo! My first kendo manga! This one, I got sucked in from chapter one and I’ve been following it since! It’s only at 34 chapters now, and I religiously read (and reread) every new chapter. XD I love the characters (even the dumb bigboobed Tsubame cos you just can’t hate her >o<). Kurogane is awesome~! It feels like the series will get more and more awesome~! I can’t wait! (<–yes, I fangirl over sports manga! XD)

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